How you can help

Brookfield School Community is constantly evolving. Every year new parents join, and some (sadly but inevitably) leave.

Community events also change over time: whether it’s the list of events we run, or changing existing events to become more inclusive or with a different focus.

One of the biggest challenges is passing on knowledge and ideas, so that the next generation of parents know how things work, and can look to do things better / differently where possible.

With that in mind, we are ALWAYS on the look out for parents with the following skills / interests.


Face painting, jewelry making etc – craft stalls are always popular at fairs and events.


We need someone who can run the BBQ at fairs and other events. You need to have a good eye for quantities and supplies, but also cook a delicious burger / hot dog.

Dressing the Hall

For some events we need to transform the hall with drapes and other materials – we have everything stored in the PTA cupboard, but someone to mastermind this is needed.

Sourcing Prizes / Sponsors

Are you good at finding prizes for a raffle? Talking to local companies? We are always keen to get businesses in the area involved, whether donating prizes, experiences, sponsoring an event, or some other way. If you have that kind of ‘in’, let us know!

Committee Roles


The treasurer needs to be able to do the following:

  • Count money
  • Pay in at the bank
  • Learn basic QuickBooks to arrange the accounts
  • Online banking
  • Claim Gift Aid from HMRC
  • Manage the annual budget (approx 25-30k pa)

All of the above can be learned on the job, but an aptitude / interest in figures is essential.


Yes, we always need someone to oversee the whole thing. You don’t have to run every event – delegation is key. Ideally, a chair has the following:

  • Enthusiasm for making the school feel welcoming and fun
  • Ideas for events
  • Persuasive – you have to have helpers
  • A little financial responsibility – the treasurer does most of the money, but the chair needs to be a bank signatory

But most of all, the desire to keep Brookfield School Community going!

Most PTA chairs do the role for 1-2 years. Shadowing as co-chair is advised.