Welcome to the PTA!

We are a committed and thriving Parent Teacher Association (PTA) which works closely with the school to raise funds for enrichment activities to support Brookfield’s pupils.

We organise a range of fun social events including: winter and summer fairs; the barn dance; fun run; bake sales and other exciting events to provide money for special extras such as the annual school trips to Sayers Croft, Paris and the seaside.

The money also supports improvements to the playgrounds, a wide range of curriculum initiatives eg F.A.B., and the purchase of other valuable resources and equipment.

If you’re a parent, carer or guardian of a Brookfield child, a teacher or staff member, you are automatically a member of the PTA. There’s no need for registration here or elsewhere.

You can find out the latest on the association’s activities via PTA News, its weekly slot in the school newsletter, which you’ll also find on the noticeboards outside the school.

Please do take a look at the most recent newsletters and other important news and information.