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Welcome to the PTA!

What is the PTA?

Short answer: it’s a charity with the purposes of promoting and enhancing the education of all children at Brookfield.

Longer answer: it’s made up automatically of all parents and carers of Brookfield children. There is a committee, and the charity has official trustees, who are normally the committee members (chair(s), treasurer, secretary).

What does the PTA do?

We work closely with the school to raise funds for enrichment activities to support Brookfield’s pupils. Although there is a fundraising goal, we also strive to create a sense of community among the school’s parents and carers – we want to help make the school a sociable, fun place with great events.

We organise a range of fun social events including: winter and summer fairs; the barn dance; fun run; bake sales and other exciting events to provide money for special extras such as the annual school trips to Sayers Croft and the seaside.

The money also supports improvements to the playgrounds, a wide range of curriculum initiatives eg F.A.B., and the purchase of other valuable resources and equipment.

Who are the members? Who runs it? What about the class reps?

If you are a parent – you are! If you’re a parent, carer or guardian of a Brookfield child, a teacher or staff member, you are automatically a member of the PTA. There’s no need for registration here or elsewhere.

We rely on class representatives to help spread the message around organising events, and to put together a rota for running a stall at a fair. (Reps also usually do things such as arrange the occasional class social event, and organise a class Christmas and/or year-end present for their form teacher – but these aren’t PTA things)

The committee is elected / appointed each year at the AGM, which is held in the first half of the Winter term.

The committee is at least six people – usually two co-chairs and a treasurer, or a chair, treasurer and secretary; plus the head teacher, another senior teacher, and another parent.

The charity has trustees – normally they are the three main committee officers, but other PTA members can be elected as trustees of the charity. All the rules are in our most recent governing document.

More information

The PTA has a section in the school newsletter, which is where you can find the latest news and activities. Please do take a look at the most recent newsletters here.

The PTA is a registered charity. All contact and financial information can be found on the Charity Commission website. There are further documents on the PTA page here.

We have started a Facebook page, with a group for former pupils. If you are a former pupil and want to reconnect, please join!