Our Governing Body consists of 17 governors including the Headteacher. Governors are drawn from the staff, the Local Education Authority, parents and the wider community. All, except the Headteacher, are appointed for a period of 4 years.

Co-opted Governors

Elizabeth Dormandy
Elizabeth Dormandy
I am delighted to be a co-opted member of the Brookfield governing body. I am keen to support the school in it’s aims to develop outstanding teaching and learning for all children. I live locally and have recently retired from my role developing quality in NHS Screening programmes. The school promotes an ethos of respect and empathy, where diversity is valued and celebrated – both within school and the wider world These are exactly the sort of values that I want to see in our community. It is a real privilege to support the school, previously as Chair of Governors, and as a member of the Personnel, Salary and Wellbeing, the Finance and the Learning and Achievement Committees.

Rachel Hermer (Vice Chair)
Rachel HermerBeing a governor combines a deep held interest in education with a desire to contribute to the school and local community. My first child started Brookfield seven years ago and my last has now just started in reception. My professional background is in media policy and I bring strategic and management experience. I sit on the Personnel, Salary and Wellbeing Committee, and an Vice Chair of Governors.

Justine Thornton
Justine ThorntonI moved into the area in 2009 and wanted to get involved with the local community and develop my interest in education. I am a barrister specialising in environmental law. I sit on the Learning and Achievement Committee.

Jessica Learmond-Criqui
Jessica Learmond-CriquiI am a co-opted governor and have served on the Governing Body at Brookfield since 2009. As a mother of 2 young children in primary education, I am passionately interested in education and the education system. I sit on the Finance Committee and the Personnel, Salary and Wellbeing Committee where I use my expertise as a solicitor specialising in employment and business immigration.

Linda Starkey-Queen
Linda Starkey-QueenI taught for about 25 years and upon retiring decided to keep my hand in Education by becoming a governor. I am a local and have been pupil, parent, grand-parent and teacher in Camden. I am on the Premises, Learning and Achievement, Health & Safety and Disability Awareness Committees.

Derek Hayden
I have been at Brookfield for almost 14 years. My wife Sandra and I have brought up two boys in that time, both of whom came to Brookfield and have gone on to a local secondary school. My role as Site Services Officer has changed enormously since I first took up the post. In my time at Brookfield I have developed a good knowledge of the school and surrounding community. I enjoy taking part in most decisions concerning the school and playing a large part in ensuring that building projects are managed with utmost consideration to the children and staff whilst improving the school. I am also a member of the Health and Safety Committee. The role is very much a proactive one and I enjoy it enormously, and I hope my knowledge and experience will benefit the Governing Body as well as the school as a whole.

Nigel Bannerman
Nigel BannermanI have two children who previously attended Brookfield School and I sit on the Finance Committee. I have a background in finance, in audit and accounting and in financial advisory work and currently run a fund investing in food businesses in Africa.

Dorothy Toh
Dorothy TohI am local parent and a qualified chartered accountant with experience across auditing, financial control and financial strategy. With a keen interest in and passion for the education sector, I have recently made the formal move into academia, having just completed a PhD on audit quality. I feel there are some parallels to be drawn with education quality and hope to combine both my academic and practical experience in a meaningful way to contribute to the local community. I feel immensely privileged to have been co-opted onto the Governing Body and hope my experiences will help the finance committee and the school more generally to meet its objectives.

Associate Members

Andrew Farrer
Andrew Farrer
I have two sons at Brookfield and I am pleased to be able to contribute to the life of the school both as a parent and as an associate member of the governing body. My background is in construction engineering and management. I sit on the premises committee.

Lucy Read
Lucy ReadI have two daughters at Brookfield and am very pleased to contribute to the Premises Committee work as an Associate Member of the Governing Body. I am a RIBA Chartered Architect whose professional experience includes over 10 years in education design working on primary, secondary and SEN school projects in London.

Local Authority Governor

Stephen Kapos
Stephen KaposI am a local authority governor with a strong connection to the school – both my grandsons (aged 7 and 5) are pupils and I run the after school chess club. I am an architect by profession, with a focus on social housing. I was a governor of Kentish Town CoE Primary for 10 years and I have been trustee of the Kentish Town Community Centre since 2005 where I chair the Premises Committee. I sit on Brookfield’s premises and finance committees.

Parent Governors

Yvette Mahon
Yvette MahonI was privileged to become a parent governor in October 2014. I have three children, two currently at the school, and feel very fortunate to be a member of the thriving Brookfield community. I am pleased to extend my keen interest in education for the benefit of the school. My professional background is in human rights and campaigning. I sit on the Learning and Achievement committee.

Mike Yule (Chair)
Mike YuleI am a parent governor and Chair of Governors at Brookfield. Three of our children have been through the school and we one son just completed year 6. I practiced as a solicitor before training as a Primary teacher and taught in Crawley for 8 years. I’m now an Associate lecturer at Chichester University where I teach Citizenship and Primary Education. I chair the Learning and Achievement Committee, sit on PSWB and am link Governor for our Rights Respecting school status.

Anthony Mirams
Anthony MiramsI have two children at Brookfield who are having such a brilliant and productive time. I am a teacher, almost all in primary schools, and now part-time in teacher education. I am keen to be involved in the School’s work in developing the character and confidence of every child, whatever their background. I am on the Learning and Achievement and the Premises Committees and am the link governor for pupil premium.

Joanna Cooke
Joanna CookeI became a parent governor in November 2015. I have four children, three of whom are at Brookfield at the moment. I am pleased to be part of a strong governing body that is full of people who wish to make Brookfield an even better school than it is now. I chair the Personnel, Salaries and Well-Being committee.

Staff Governors

Kathleen Fraser-Thomas
Kathleen Fraser-ThomasI received my teacher training in Ontario, Canada in 2010 and promptly relocated to London where I began my career. On my way to my current role teaching Year 6 at Brookfield, I taught in a range of key stages and year groups in a variety of schools which has given me a broad perspective. I have been a keen member of the Brookfield Community since 2014 and, when the opportunity arose in 2015 to participate as staff governor, I was eager to get involved. Being a part of the governing body has given me the chance to gain a different insight into the operation of Brookfield. I feel very fortunate to work with such a dedicated team of professionals on the governing body and to be able to share the perspective of the staff with them.

Laurel Fleck, Headteacher
Mark StubbingsI am the Headteacher.

Type of governor Name Term Expires
LA Governor (1) Stephen Kapos July 2022
Parent Governor (4) Jo Cooke October 2019
Mike Yule (Chair) November 2021
Anthony Mirams July 2019
Headteacher Laurel Robin (née Fleck) Ex-officio
Co- Opted governors (3 vacancies) Rachel Hermer (Vice Chair) July 2019
Derek Hayden February 2019
Justine Thornton February 2019
Linda Starkey Queen February 2019
Dorothy Toh March 2021
Jessica Larmond-Criqui February 2019
Elizabeth Dormandy May 2019

Interested in becoming a Governor?

Becoming a Governor is an opportunity to get involved in the life of the school. Our aim is that our Governors are broadly representative of the community. If you are interested please contact one of us to find out more about the role or email us at governors@brookfield.camden.sch.uk