At Brookfield, we want every child to be engaged in science. We plan and teach weekly science lessons that are linked to our learning themes and children’s prior knowledge and interests. Throughout their time at Brookfield, children will learn about a range of scientific topics and revisit many of these multiple times, developing a deep understanding of the world around them. Children are taught how to plan and carry out five types of scientific enquiry: identify and classifying, researching, observing over time, fair/comparative testing, and pattern seeking. They are encouraged to work scientifically, developing transferrable skills alongside their scientific knowledge. Every year, Brookfield celebrates Science Week with a range of whole school activities. Children also have plenty of fantastic scientific opportunities beyond the classroom, including a trip to the Crick Institute in Year 5 and outdoor learning in our local parks.

Curriculum Overview
Year GroupAutumnSpringSummer
Year 1Seasonal change PlantsAnimals including humansEveryday materials
Year 2Use of everyday materialsSeasonal change Living things and their habitats PlantsPlants Animals including humans
Year 3LightAnimals including humans RocksPlants Forces and magnets
Year 4States of matter The water cycleSound Animals including humansLiving things and their habitats
Year 5Properties and changes of materialsEarth and space Living things and their habitatsForces Animals including humans
Year 6Electricity LightEvolution and inheritance Living things and their habitatsLight Animals including humans