R.E. at Brookfield is taught through a series of immersive R.E. Days in which children spend the whole day exploring themes around one of the major world religions. In setting a whole day aside, students are given the opportunity to ‘deep dive’ into the beliefs and practices of the religious group they are studying. R.E. Days involve a mixture of drama, art, reflection time and visits from faith leaders and believers. We strive to equip our students with knowledge and understanding of the major world religions but also give them time to reflect on their own experiences of morality and spirituality. In doing so, they can recognise similarities and differences between religions and learn the importance of respecting individuals and communities of different faiths and beliefs.

Links are made with other topics  / subject areas and children are encouraged to become caring and responsible citizens through the buddying systems, involvement with the local community and fundraising for charitable causes. Key festivals are covered in assemblies and there are opportunities for children to reflect, explore and celebrate their cultural diversity in assemblies and through whole school events such as the International Evening.