Music is an important feature of everyday life at Brookfield School. We believe that children should be given plenty of opportunities to perform and showcase their talents. To enable this we hold, and take part in, numerous concerts throughout the year both in school and in the wider community.

Singing at Brookfield enriches the curriculum and strengthens our sense of community. As a school, we have achieved SingUp Gold in recognition of all the singing we do. We have an infant choir and a junior choir, who sing at the Royal Albert Hall every other year. We also hold singing assemblies every week, where children are able to practise songs together.

Every class is taught music once a week by our music specialist. In addition to this, each Year Group is taught African drumming for half a term by a visiting musician. The children study performing, composing and listening, and the music we study is from a wide range of cultures. Recently, we have set up a song writing club, where children learn how to structure, write and record music.

At Brookfield, the children have the opportunity to learn an instrument, choosing from the following: piano, guitar, violin, flute and clarinet. There is also a beginner recorder group, as well as the advanced, and in Year 4, all the children have the opportunity to learn either the fife, treble recorder or guitar. Children who have been playing an instrument for a year or more have the opportunity to join the school orchestra. As well as this, we hold rock band music sessions run by the educational group: Rock Steady, where children are able to play their favourite songs on real band equipment.

Instrumental Tuition at Brookfield School

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