Literacy incorporates the teaching of reading, writing, speaking and listening and is integral to the school curriculum (see year by year spelling requirements at the bottom of this page).

Speaking and Listening

It is very important for developing reading and writing to be immersed in a language-rich environment. Therefore, speaking and listening skills are developed across the curriculum through: role play and drama activities; expressing opinions and ideas clearly in full sentences; engaging in thought-provoking discussions; and sharing and enjoying a range of texts.


Children develop their reading skills in a number of ways.

In Early Years and KS1, children follow the Read Write Inc Phonics scheme. These daily sessions incorporate the systematic teaching of phonics sounds alongside the reading of supporting stories. Handwriting, spelling and writing are also taught through the programme.

Once these phonetic skills have been developed, children enjoy guided reading sessions in small adult-lead groups. Here, children explore a variety of texts in depth and develop comprehension through rich discussions.

From Year 2, and increasingly through KS2, classes also enjoy shared reading sessions. Here, a range of texts are explored as a whole class, and reading skills are developed through rich discussions and questioning.

Most importantly, we want to instil in all children a love of reading. To this end, all children enjoy: free reading in their classroom’s cosy book corners; class stories regularly read aloud by teachers; visits to our local library; trips to the Owl Bookshop to purchase new books; World Book Day celebrations; and other reading and writing workshops throughout the year. Children are expected to read at home on a daily basis to help further their reading skills and enjoyment of reading.


Read Write Inc – Phonics Parent Information Session Presentation


Reading and writing development are so closely linked: unleash the reader, and the writing will often follow! At Brookfield, literacy lessons typically involve exciting texts to hook the children into a writing outcome. These texts have been carefully chosen to introduce children to a range of authors and to ensure that every child sees reflections of themselves and their friends within the books. The books chosen also link to the theme that each year group is exploring at the time. Many trips and workshops also provide opportunities for exciting writing outcomes. For example: Year 2s look after incubated chicks and so may write diary entries as though they were the hatching chick. Year 5 and 6 enjoy a performance from the Young Shakespeare Company at Brookfield every year, so may write an alternative scene for the play or a dramatic newspaper report on part of the plot.

We aim to share this fantastic writing with other classes and also to invite parents in to celebrate their child’s final piece of work for a given unit.

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Gemma Williams, Literacy Leader

All years: