History curriculum at Brookfield is in line with the National Curriculum. Our aim is to  provide high quality education in order to install appreciation and understanding of the past and passion for the subject. Our children gain coherent knowledge of the history of Britain and the wider world and how the past impacts the present. In our carefully structured and well delivered lessons, children learn the key concepts that make a good historian:

  • Concept of chronology through placing periods, significant individuals and events on timelines
  • Continuity and change
  • Cause and consequence
  • Compare and contrast different periods in time or historical figures
  • Historical interpretation where children look at difference accounts of the same event and learn how to evaluate them
  • Using evidence, primary and secondary sources

We provide a wide variety of activities in history lessons which support learning and understanding of all children. We invite visitors and carefully plan visits to museums to further support and develop children’s learning and understanding of the subject. Our children are confidently communicating their views, knowledge, skills and passion for the subject using oracy skills carefully embedded in all sequences of lessons. 

  • In the early years we compare our recent pasts and gain an understanding of the concepts of the past, present and future.
  • In Year 1 children continue to develop their sense of chronology through learning about the Gunpowder Pllot and the journey of Mansa Musa and do a local study focusing on Dido Belle.
  • Year 2 learns about the Great Fire of London and looks at the significance of the work of the scientist Katherine Johnsone and compares her to Dr Maggie Aderin Pocock. they also look at changes within lifetime.
  • In Year 3 children learn about Ancient Egypt and prehistoric Britain
  • Year 4 focuses on Romans and their impact on Britain and the invasion of Anglo-Saxons
  • Year 5 learns about the Kingdom of Benin and compares it with Great Britain and studies the achievements of ancient Greeks
  • Year 6 links the theme ‘home’ with learning about World War 2, specifically about Home Front. In the Summer term, Year 6 does a local study

In a sequence of 6 lessons children work towards “beautiful work” which reflects their half termly learning. Their beautiful work ends in a portfolio which then travels with the child through school as they progress with time which allows them to build on and reflect on their previous learning.

History Progression of Skills