• To excite and inspire children to learn about other cultures
  • To develop an understanding of where we come from geographically
  • To identify and analyse political, moral and social lessons that can be learnt from the world around us
  • To give children the key geographical skills they need to evaluate the world around them

Key Skills

  • To use geographical/technical vocabulary
  • To use maps, atlases and other geographical resources
  • To compare and contrast cultures, countries and other groups of people
  • To use a range of sources (e.g. photographs, articles, raw data) to draw inferences about the world around us
  • To research, and to evaluate sources.
  • To analyse, question and criticise

The Brookfield Curriculum

In line with the national curriculum, children study a wide range of local, British, European and World geography. In order to provide an exciting and rich curriculum we use a variety of resources in class, and conduct hands-on fieldwork out of class. We also offer trips every half-term – taking advantage of the many sites, museums and galleries London has to offer.

  • In the early years we look at ourselves and our environment.
  • In Year 1 we develop our geographical skills through looking at the cross curricular topics of ‘Marvellous Me’ and ‘Transport’
  • Year 2 we compare our local area to non-European country (Kenya), before looking at the topic ‘The Seaside’.
  • In Year 3 we compare our local area to another British region (St Ives), as well as looking at the topic of ‘Natural Disasters’.
  • In Year 4 our topics include ‘Sandarama’ – our link school in Burma/Myanmar, and ‘Environmental Issues’.
  • In Year 5 we study a South American Country (Brazil), and a European country (France).
  • In Year 6 our topics include ‘Global Society –Immigration’ and ‘London through time’.