At Brookfield, we aim to prepare our children for a world that is increasingly reliant on IT knowledge and skills, providing them with a range of topic based tasks to educate them in the efficient and creative use of technology. We base our units on the national curriculum, covering Computer Science (coding and programming), and Digital literacy (including e-safety).

Computer Science

As a school, we are aware of the importance of problem-solving in computing therefore a strong emphasis is placed on coding and programming. Throughout all ages, we provide the opportunities for children to guess, try, test and refine programs. In Early Years and Key Stage One, programmable robots and software including Busy Things and Scratch Junior are used. In Key Stage Two, we use software including Logo and Scratch. Code-Club is held once a week, enhancing children’s skill using hardware such as Micro-Bits.

Digital literacy

We use computers to strengthen our learning across all curriculum areas. Children express themselves using different media and learn to organise and present their information in a variety of ways. These include: animations, slide shows, graphs, book creation and photo edits. Researching and evaluating websites is also an integral part of the Computing curriculum taught at Brookfield.

Being E-Safe is about building awareness through collaboration by teachers, parents and children. We continue to teach and discuss this, not just in Computing but in all curriculum areas. We aim to continually revisit Conduct (how to act as online citizens), Contact (who we interact with online) and Content (what is reliable and appropriate?).

Within the school, we have a well-equipped, spacious computing suite with 30 computers, a class set of iPads and unique MyUSO passwords enable children to make the best use of online resources at home. We maintain well established links with Camden Learning Centre, where children visit once a year and are given the opportunity to discover new computing topics, including app-making and Lego Smart Robot programming.

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