At Brookfield, we are committed to ensuring that we prepare children for the ever-changing technological world around them. We want to make sure children become experienced in using a range of different technology and programs but also to develop an explorative approach for computing. The three main strands of the primary computing curriculum are: computer science, information technology and digital literacy.

Through our computing curriculum we want children to become perceptive users of technology with an understanding of when to use it and how it can be used in real life. We want to develop children who are confident and creative and open to new ideas or concepts. It is important that the curriculum ensures that children treat all equipment with respect and use it safely and respectfully, while regarding their own safety and that of others. At Brookfield, children are taught the skills to purposefully use technology, ensuring that they can be active participants in the digital world. Across all year groups, we aim to link our computing with other subjects, whether this be creating a presentation using PowerPoint or designing a game.

Online Safety

Being E-Safe is about building awareness through collaboration of teachers, parents and children. We book in regular visits from the CLC (Camden Learning Centre) who provide engaging assembles and workshops for our children. 

Some progams used include:​

Scratch, Audacity, FMSLogo, Google, Microsoft, j2e