At Brookfield, we strive to foster a culture where creativity is at the heart of every child’s school experience. Art has the power to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and foster self-expression. By immersing our students in various artistic styles, techniques, and themes, we expand their emotional vocabulary, nurturing an appreciation for beauty, creativity, and introspection.

Our curriculum draws inspiration from our vibrant local community, which boasts a rich and diverse artistic heritage. We aim to instil in our students an appreciation of London’s position as a hub of artistic endeavour. Through exhibitions, our Fabulous Arts at Brookfield workshops, and educational outings, we connect our students with the thriving creative community in London, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

The Brookfield art curriculum serves as a catalyst for critical thinking, cultural understanding, and personal growth. By teaching art, we empower our students to explore their unique perspectives, take risks, and develop an appreciation for creativity. By studying various artists’ works and diverse art forms, our students understand that art transcends rigid boundaries of style or technique, enabling them to embrace their individuality.

Year on year, students develop the skills and techniques to create art across various styles and media. They learn to make informed opinions and articulate their thoughts about artworks, acquiring the ability to recognise and analyse visual elements such as line, colour, texture, and composition.

We integrate art with other disciplines, promoting cross-curricular connections. Collaboration and cooperation are encouraged, cultivating an inclusive atmosphere where students learn from one another and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Brookfield Primary School is committed to nurturing a generation of creative thinkers, confident communicators, and culturally aware individuals.