The teaching of Art at Brookfield aims to stimulate children’s imagination and creativity, and to provide effective learning opportunities which immerse them in a range of art forms.  The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that all children should have the right to express themselves (Article 13) and have opportunities to relax, play and take part in artistic activities (Article 31). Brookfield aims to respect this right by providing a wide range of opportunities for creative self-expression within art activities and lessons.

Art is taught in a cross-curricular manner and draws upon other topics and the life and work of great artists as a stimulus and inspiration for the children’s learning. Children are taught to use a variety of different materials and processes to encourage creative thinking, imaginative ways of working and independent problem solving skills. Throughout a child’s time at Brookfield, they are able to develop their skills in drawing, painting, textiles, collage, printing, mosaics, photography, ceramics and other forms of 3D art.

As a school, Brookfield is fortunate enough to have many connections with crafts people within the local community whom are invited into the school to improve the art provision through relaying their expertise to teachers and children by assisting in lessons. This also gives our children the opportunity to learn specialist skills and gain an appreciation for the role of artists and their creative process. This work in class is supplemented by additional workshops, the provision of Fantastic Arts at Brookfield and trips into Central London to some of the major galleries and exhibitions, where children are encouraged to grow in their appreciation of great artists and art forms.