Brookfield Blog

The Brookfield Blog is a new venture to keep the parents and carers of our children in the loop with learning and achievement. It is also a way to celebrate our students’ work and for them to take pride in the outcomes they achieve.

We will be giving you an inside look into what’s happening in the classroom so you can share in the excitement and follow your child on their learning journey.

Our blog is a great way to keep you informed and to see what your child thinks of their learning. Each class will be responsible for completing a week’s worth of blog posts throughout the year. Featured classes will be listed in the newsletter so you’ll know when to check it out.

You will get to see highlights of pictures, pieces of work, children’s writing and their own opinions.

This is the latest from the blog:

  • Dandelion class have been experimenting with Beebots in computing. We’re learning all about algorithms and debugging. Today we started designing our Beebot maps ready for our programming next week. Buzzzz!
  • Year 4 have been thoroughly enjoying our start to Forest School, and even maintained our high spirits when several of us slipped and fell FACE FIRST into the mud! Here are some images that capture the fun that we have had so far…
  • It’s science week and Dandelion class have been busy observing frog spawn! We’re hoping that they’ll hatch in the next few weeks and there will be some tadpoles to release into the pond on Hampstead heath!
  • This week in Year 6, Oak Class have explored the freaky story of The Water Tower- a story in which some very ‘strange “people” live. We have written chilling descriptions of these odd people, and told them in true ‘ghost-story-fashion’ under torch light! ​
  • Last week, Willow class visited the CLC and created their own music. Using professional Logic software, they learnt how to build up a piece of music with drums, bass and a horn section. They even had the opportunity to show off their piano skills with MIDI keyboards. The finished pieces of music are all very […]
  • The mood of love has struck Bramble class as this week we have been busy writing passionate and persuasive love letters. Despereaux the mouse is in a puzzling predicament. Pea’s beautiful face has caught Despereaux’s eye and he longs to escape the torment of his family and be with her. We are using flattery, the […]
  • A boggart is type of mythical creature that protects the forest. Pete and Paula’s boggarts have been stolen! The police are looking for the criminals! We have been doing Forest School sessions with Pete and Paula this half term, so they think that we (Year 3 Fern class) have stolen their precious boggarts. But we […]
  • In Year 3 Fern class we made Chinese New Year lanterns during our Forest School session! We decorated them with Chinese new year animals and Chinese calligraphy.
  • Last week, Daisy class went to the Tower of London as part of our History topic on old and new buildings. We met a knight who told us all about life in the castle for a King, Queen and Knight. We even got to see the Crown jewels which are guarded by soldiers! Our writing […]
  • This blog has been written by Bramble class altogether as a shared write! This week in FAB with Saul we got to build fun instruments including drums and shakers from junk! The kinds of junk we used were saved from recycled rubbish from home. We were also very lucky because Saul brought in all sort […]