The Brookfield Blog is a new venture to keep the parents and carers of our children in the loop with learning and achievement. It is also a way to celebrate our students’ work and for them to take pride in the outcomes they achieve.

We will be giving you an inside look into what’s happening in the classroom so you can share in the excitement and follow your child on their learning journey.

Our blog is a great way to keep you informed and to see what your child thinks of their learning. Each class will be responsible for completing a week’s worth of blog posts throughout the year. Featured classes will be listed in the newsletter so you’ll know when to check it out.

You will get to see highlights of pictures, pieces of work, children’s writing and their own opinions.

  • 4L Authors!
    by brookfieldprimary on May 20, 2019 at 10:20 am

    Over the last two weeks, Year 4 have been writing their own stories based on Winslow Homer’s beautiful painting: ‘The Gulf Stream’. Like a jigsaw puzzle, children were given sections of the painting piece by piece and used their imaginations to try and work out what the painting might be about. It was amazing just … Continue reading "4L Authors!" […]

  • Y3/4 football tournament
    by brookfieldprimary on May 17, 2019 at 9:32 am

    Last week the children played 5 matches against other schools and performed really well as a team. It was the first time they played together and did us all proud! Sadly, a few poor referee errors cost us two games but over all they performed superbly and left with valuable experience. […]

  • 3L Become Pizza Chefs!
    by brookfieldprimary on May 16, 2019 at 10:33 am

    Last Tuesday, 3L took an exciting bus journey to Pizza Express in Belsize Park as part of our DT topic on nutrition and making food. We made margharita pizzas from scratch! First, we stretched the soft dough into a circle, then we put Italian passata across the pizza. This was tricky because we had to … Continue reading "3L Become Pizza Chefs!" […]

  • Year 5 Camden School Dance Festival
    by brookfieldprimary on May 16, 2019 at 9:58 am

    We are a partner school with The Place, a dance charity who work with Primary schools along with other organisations as well. As a partner school we have exclusive access to resources, visits to the centre, at school and the grand finale is a performance on a professional stage infront of a packed audience! This … Continue reading "Year 5 Camden School Dance Festival" […]

  • The Tempest
    by brookfieldprimary on May 7, 2019 at 10:34 am

    This term, year 1 are working with the Shakespeare School’s foundation on the play; The Tempest. 1c has been practising their freeze frames for the last three scenes of the play. They have been learning lines to say using Shakespearian language and thinking about how the characters are feeling at that point in the play. […]

  • Plant detectives
    by brookfieldprimary on May 1, 2019 at 1:57 pm

    This term, year 1 are looking at Plants and we kick-started our Science topic by observing flowers and labelling the different parts. 1C used magnifying glasses to observe closely and identify the different parts of this flower as well as what they thought was missing. We will be looking at garden and wild flowers, as … Continue reading "Plant detectives" […]

  • Junior Pizza Chefs
    by brookfieldprimary on April 29, 2019 at 3:04 pm

    Ever wanted to learn to make your own pizza? RS children said yes!! As part of our half term theme, ‘Food, Glorious Food’ we have been exploring the food we eat and learning to cook some delicious recipes. We went to Pizza Express to learn how it was done. We all made our own pizzas, … Continue reading "Junior Pizza Chefs" […]

  • Nim 7
    by brookfieldprimary on March 29, 2019 at 1:16 pm

      Today, 2L played a counter game called ‘Nim 7’. It is a game for 2 players. Each player takes turns to take away either one or two counters. The player who takes the last counter wins. 2L played this for a while and then we begun to discuss strategies. Some children thought you had … Continue reading "Nim 7" […]

  • Reception Goes Animal Crazy
    by brookfieldprimary on March 29, 2019 at 9:32 am

    In reception we have been exploring the fantastic story of Handa’s Surprise. In this book a girl called Handa decides to surprise her friend with different fruits. On the way to her friend’s village animals steal all the fruits without Handa noticing. Luckily, due to a silly goat, Handa still manages to have a surprise … Continue reading "Reception Goes Animal Crazy" […]

  • Only Y5 and Already Ancient
    by brookfieldprimary on March 28, 2019 at 12:45 pm

    …Ancient Greek philosophers, that is!   In year five we’ve been studying Ancient Greece and looking at some philosophers from the time. It’s changing the way we think (and look!) […]