School Council

Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the rights to express their views in all matters affecting them, and to have their views considered and taken seriously.

It is the job of the Rights Respecting School Council to make sure that pupils views are heard and taken into consideration when adults make decisions about the school.

School Council members frequently consult with their classes on behalf of adults, but they also make their own decisions about what to work on. If children have an idea about how to make Brookfield an even better school, or know of a problem which they think needs to be sorted out, then they can let their class representative know so that they can make sure their voices are heard!

New School Council representatives are elected every year by their classes. All candidates have to write a manifesto and present it to the class. Secret ballots are then held and the winners announced the following day. School Council representatives attend regular meetings to discuss ideas ranging from supporting charities to improving school meals. After each meeting they report back to their classes. Within school council there are elected post holders e.g. Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Publicity Officer.

Brookfield’s Rights Respecting School Council is extremely active and has contributed a great deal to the school community over the last few years.