Specialist services

Teaching and support staff work closely with relevant members of specialist services which provide support for our school. The services which are working in our school this year are:

Specialist ServiceExamples of what they do
Educational Psychology Service– Observations of children
– Advice to staff, parents and children
– Support for assessments
The Camden Hearing Impaired service and the Camden Visually Impaired service– Support and advice to parents, children and school staff on meeting the needs of HI and VI children.
Occupational Therapists– Observations of children
– Advice and training for staff
– Individualised programmes for specific children on the caseload
Camden Language and Communication Service– Observations of children
– Advice and training for staff
– Individualised programmes for specific children on the caseload
Camden Education Welfare Service– Available to meet with staff and parents with regards to any issues regarding attendance and punctuality
The CAMHS Team– Support for the emotional and personal development of children
– Advice for staff and staff training
MOSAIC– Assessment and support for families and children with more complex needs.
Social Services– Provides support for children and families
Health visitor/school nurse– Completes health screens in YR and Y6
– Checks children’s vision and hearing
– Delivers training to staff
– Supports children with chronic conditions.

Each service has referral and eligibility criteria – this means that service support is targeted on children with higher levels of need.

These services provide a range of support including:

  • working one to one and in small groups with children
  • providing training for teaching and support staff
  • helping us to assess needs and plan next steps and review progress.

We will always involve you in any decisions about whether your child has a special educational need and the best ways to provide support.  If your child requires these services we will involve you in the process at every stage: we will ask you to sign a referral form before the support can go ahead.

You can find more information about specialist services who work with Camden schools in the Local Authority website.