Reviewing children’s progress

It is very important for our school that children with SEND enjoy success and achievement and make good progress in learning. We use the information we have about each child who has been identified as having SEND to plan a personal programme of SEN support. We develop this in partnership with parents and the child – working with the SENDCo and the Class Teacher. This plan will include short term targets and will describe how we will support your child to achieve these targets.

Parents are invited to SEND Planning Meetings three times per year to meet with the SENDCo and class teacher to review their child’s progress. More than 90% of parents attend these meetings each term. As children move up the school, children are invited to attend these meetings to share their views on school. If a child chooses to not attend, the teacher has a discussion with the child before the meeting so that their views can be shared, discussed and planned for in the meetings. In the planning meeting each term, the child’s Individual Provision Plan is updated to detail updated targets and interventions as needed. The child’s Individual Provision Plan acts as the agenda: we review the child’s interests and strengths, area(s) of need and progress towards National Curriculum and personalised learning targets. Collaboratively, the parent/carer, teacher and SENDCo, with feedback from the child, review and plan further interventions and discuss strategies that can improve a child’s access to the curriculum. The conversation is an open dialogue that allows the parents/carers and child to raise and discuss any concerns they have.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS   (How we review your child’s progress)

Q. What should I do if I am worried about how my child is progressing and how often will I be able to discuss my child’s progress?
A. You will be able to meet your child’s class teacher each term at the parent consultation meetings. We will also invite you to a meeting once a term to discuss your child’s progress. If you have concerns and worries about your child at any time please contact your class teacher and we will arrange a meeting to discuss these concerns.