Inclusive teaching and effective support

We know that high quality teaching and well-matched support will make a big difference to the progress of children with SEND.  Making sure that this happens in all classrooms is one of the most important things that our school leaders do. We make sure that all teachers and teaching assistants have a clear understanding of the learning needs of the children in their class.  Senior leaders at Brookfield, including the SENDCo, work with teachers and support staff to provide effective teaching and support for children with SEND in a variety of ways. These include:

  • carefully differentiated planning (taking account of different needs) which ensures that all children are able to make progress
  • supporting the class teacher to take full responsibility for the learning and progress of all children
  • using a wide variety of teaching approaches, including scaffolding learning, providing visual support materials
  • providing a stimulating, rich and interactive classroom environment
  • using regular, clear and rigorous assessments that help teachers to track pupils’ progress and identify gaps in their understanding
  • using our marking policy to make sure that children know how to improve their work
  • providing additional adult support from well-trained and well supervised teaching assistants
  • making available specialist equipment and digital technology to support access and participation in learning

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Teaching and progress)

Q: How can I help my child with learning at home?
A: We will make sure that when we meet we will share your child’s next steps in learning. We often run events to help guide parents on how to help their children at home with reading, writing and mathematics, for example phonics workshops and PAC Maths. We send out the dates for these events in our weekly newsletter. Furthermore, our school website has useful videos demonstrating some ways you can support your child’s learning at home, which you can view here.