School Improvement Plan 2022-23

Each year the school identifies priorities which create the School Improvement Plan. Staff and governors monitor progress carefully and outcomes are then fed back to parents and carers through newsletters and headteacher updates.

Our key 2022-23 school improvement plan priorities are as follows:.

To teach an ambitious, coherently sequenced, oracy rich curriculum where reading is prioritised

To increase attendance to 96%+ and reduce persistent absence in line with Camden

To implement the ambitious, coherent Brookfield EYFS curriculum leading to high levels of curiosity, concentration and enjoyment

Leaders ensure that teachers and support staff receive focused and highly effective professional growth opportunities which leads to consistently improving school data

Our curriculum is successfully designed and adapted to be ambitious for children with SEND,  developing their knowledge, skills and abilities to apply what they know with increasing fluency and independence, achieving at least in line with Camden results.

You can read our 2022-23 School Improvement Plan here