The committees of the Governing Body deal with matters in detail. There are two governors’ committees: 

  1. Resources Committee which covers the broad remit of Finances, Personnel, Premises Health and Safety and Safeguarding
  2. Quality of Education Committee which covers Learning and Achievement, Behaviour, Curriculum, Pupil Premium and SEND and Equality Diversity and Inclusion. 

These two individual committees meet regularly and the full Governing Body then meets five times a year (every half term except for the first half of the Spring term).

Quality of Education Committee

This committee is directly concerned with the delivery of education by the school. The committee reviews regular reports on the progress of children, and periodically it has more detailed discussions on particular areas. We discuss new opportunities and regulations when they arise, and the relevant bits of the School Improvement Plan. We regularly visit the school and see lessons in progress – this enables us to understand better the challenges and skills involved in raising standards of teaching and learning.

Current members: Corinne Humble (Chair), Emma Jay, Jo Cooke, Christine Kirkpatrick, Damien Mason, Laurel Robin (Head)

Resources Committee

The Resources Committee oversees the school financial planning and interrogates the school’s budget. The committee monitors carefully the school’s ongoing financial performance and examines in detail the financial implications of proposals, decisions and recommendations by the school management and governors. The committee is also responsible, on behalf of the governing body and in collaboration with the Headteacher, for all issues in respect of staffing including teachers’ salaries. A member of this committee normally sits on appointments panels for all teacher and some support staff appointments and, together with the Headteacher, advises on the staffing structure of the school within the budget. The committee also meets in closed session to consider any confidential staffing issues brought by the Headteacher.

Current members: Sam Waller (Chair), Logan Nerio, Robin Bishop, Jo Cooke, Elizabeth Dormandy, Emma Jay, Pete Schiazza, Laurel Robin (Head teacher), Susie Hyden (Associate governor), Anne Schroell (Associate Governor)