The committees of the Governing Body deal with matters in detail. There are 4 governors’ committees: Finance Committee, Personnel, Salaries and Well-being Committee, Premises Committee, and Learning and Achievement Committee. Individual committees meet regularly and the full Governing Body meets twice a term.

Learning and Achievement Committee

This committee is the subcommittee most directly concerned with the delivery of education by the school. We get regular reports from on the progress of children, and periodically we have more detailed discussions on particular areas. We discuss new opportunities and regulations when they arise, and the relevant bits of the School Improvement Plan. We regularly visit the school and see lessons in progress – this enables us to understand better the challenges and skills involved in raising standards of teaching and learning.

Current members: Anthony Mirams (Chair), Laurel Robin (head), Frank Joseph, Elizabeth Dormandy.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee oversees the school financial planning and draws up the budget for discussion and approval by the full governing body. The committee monitors carefully the school’s ongoing financial performance and examines in detail the financial implications of proposals, decisions and recommendations by the school management and governors.

Current members: Dorothy Toh (Chair), Laurel Robin, Elizabeth Dormandy, Sam Waller, Jo Cooke.

Personnel, Salaries and Well-being

The Personnel, Salaries and Wellbeing committee is responsible, on behalf of the governing body and in collaboration with the Headteacher, for all issues in respect of staffing, teachers’ salaries and the wellbeing of pupils and staff. The committee consists of five governors and the Headteacher, it meets twice a term and regularly monitors staff and pupil attendance, pupil behaviour and any exclusions, safeguarding issues and any incidents of bullying. A member of this committee normally sits on appointments panels for all teacher and some support staff appointments and, together with the Headteacher, advises on the staffing structure of the school within the budget. The committee also meets in closed session to consider any confidential staffing issues brought by the Headteacher.

As with other sub committees there are a number of policies which need to be regularly reviewed and updated; these are considered in committee before being ratified, by the governing body.

Current Members: Elizabeth Dormandy (Chair), Laurel Robin, Jo Cooke, Rachel Hermer, Dorothy Toh.

Premises Committee

The main function of the Premises Committee is to advise the Head Teacher on matters relating to the school building and physical environment. This includes the monitoring of the security and management of the premises, health and safety, accessibility matters, maintenance schedules and energy conservation. The committee meets twice every term with extra meetings to monitor major building works when carried out.

Current Members: Robin Bishop (Chair), Laurel Robin, Derek Hayden, Andy Farrer (Associate Member), Lucy Read (Associate Member)