Forest School

Forest School is an outdoor, stimulating, nature-based learning experience which incorporates Brookfield’s values of kindness, effort, and responsibility. Through a wide variety of activities, children are given the opportunity to embrace challenges, learn to work together/independently to solve problems, build on their curiosity and develop resilience. These holistic sessions, which take place in a woodland environment, are child-led, hands-on and cross-curricular. Away from the classroom, children form new relationships and are able to foster communication and negotiation skills. Forest School encourages children to value themselves, each other, and their environment.

Brookfield is so proud of its Forest School provision, all the way from Nursery to year 6. We make the most of our unique location, with parks and the Heath on our doorstep. Our children develop an appreciation of nature through learning and playing outdoors. Children learn in small groups supported by teachers and our Forest School gardener. They develop a range of skills as they progress through the school. These lessons also support children’s emotional wellbeing and enjoyment of school as they benefit from spending time outdoors.

Laurel Robin, Headteacher


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Note: donations via PayPal go to Brookfield PTA, which funds Brookfield school activities including Forest School.

Clothing request

We realise that clothing for Forest School can be expensive. So as your children grow up and out of wellies, raincoats and other gear, please do get in touch with us about donating items for Forest School. Just email the office or drop it in.