Fantastic Arts at Brookfield

Fantastic Arts at Brookfield (FAB) is a distinctive and inspiring arts project which has been running at Brookfield since September 2009. The project is sponsored by the PTA and aims to deliver a wide range of memorable arts experiences, which will enrich children’s lives and raise standards of teaching, learning and creativity.

As a result of the school’s ongoing commitment to the arts, we have secured Arts Mark Gold and several film awards.

Our latest OFSTED report (June 2014) also endorsed our passion for the arts and creativity:

‘There are outstanding opportunities for pupils to excel in the arts.’

‘The school seeks out the expertise of many visitors who make learning exciting for the pupils and these learning opportunities are exceptional. The numerous educational visits, after-school clubs and special events contribute greatly to pupils’ achievement and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Opportunities in the arts are outstanding and this is reflected in the school gaining Artsmark Gold Award.’ 

FAB Focus 2021 – 2022 – Film!

This year, all Brookfield children will be working with Sparks Media to explore different film genres, storyboard their ideas, create sets, design costumes, crew their shoot, star in and direct their films, and edit what they have filmed.

The aim of this project is to widen participation and provide access to meaningful film and media activities that otherwise might not be available to all children in our school. The project aims to engage participants, who often feel excluded from or underrepresented within arts activities, with a special emphasis on a programme that focuses on inclusivity and seeks to improve children’s mental health and wellbeing.

We will aim to build confidence and widen aspirations, as well as teaching valuable skills for the future. Through this project we aim to provide a safe space for children and young people to express their voice, share their experiences and interact with the world in new and interesting ways. As with all FAB projects, we aim to widen children’s career horizons by exposing them to a wider range of creative career pathways.

Educationally, we aim to integrate this project into our new theme based curriculum. Each project will allow children the chance to explore other areas of the curriculum in a creative way as well as providing cross curricular links to creative writing, drama, computing skills and oracy. As film studies are not available within the primary national curriculum, this project aims to redress this imbalance.

This project will also equip our staff with a new skillset to continue to work with pupils on film projects and further develop their understanding of visual media after the project has come to an end.

Sparks Media is the UK’s leading provider of film and media activities for children and young people. They inspire young people to unleash their creativity, discover their passions and develop skills that will help them to thrive both now and in the future. Sparks film schools offer a unique programme of film making and media activities for children and teenagers, including extracurricular film making classes, half term camps, summer camps and events.

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