Fantastic Arts at Brookfield

Fantastic Arts at Brookfield (FAB) is a distinctive and inspiring arts project which has been running at Brookfield since September 2009. The project is sponsored by the PTA and aims to deliver a wide range of memorable arts experiences, which will enrich children’s lives and raise standards of teaching, learning and creativity.

As a result of the school’s ongoing commitment to the arts, we have secured Arts Mark Gold and several film awards.

Our latest OFSTED report (June 2014) also endorsed our passion for the arts and creativity:

‘There are outstanding opportunities for pupils to excel in the arts.’

‘The school seeks out the expertise of many visitors who make learning exciting for the pupils and these learning opportunities are exceptional. The numerous educational visits, after-school clubs and special events contribute greatly to pupils’ achievement and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Opportunities in the arts are outstanding and this is reflected in the school gaining Artsmark Gold Award.’ 

F.A.B. Focus 2019 – 2020

This year, all Brookfield children will be working with the Junk Orchestra to play, design, make and perform instruments made from recycled materials.

The project aims to develop children’s confidence and creativity to encourage children to engage with music and sound making. It also aims to enrich children’s skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths as it will be integrated in the schools partnership with the Camden STEAM hub.

The Junk Orchestra is a super-sonic recycled collection of objects, rescued & re-invented from the urban sprawl. They emphasise an inclusive approach, and encourage all children to relish the opportunity to up-cycle and express themselves through art and music.

The founder of The Junk Orchestra, Saul, will be coming in throughout the year to work with all year groups to help lead workshops for the children in exploratory learning, composition of music, designing and making their own junk orchestra and finally performing with their own junk orchestras.