Classes, Year groups and Houses

We are a two form entry school with 15 classes in total, from Nursery through to Year 6. Each class has a maximum of 30 children, with the exception of Nursery who have a maximum of 39 full time equivalent. The classes are situated on three floors. Nursery and Reception are situated on the ground floor, Years 2 – 4 are on the middle floor and years 5 and 6 are situated on the top floor.

Children meet their new class teachers and teaching assistants in July and spend the start of the year establishing new routines and expectations. Older classes are often paired up with younger classes to support them with their learning and occasionally classes are mixed up when they are working on a whole school project. Each year group has a link governor who visits them at various times during the course of the year.

Class names

We have recently renamed classes from being the year and teacher initial (eg 6B etc) to more nature-themed names, in line with our forest schooling. The classes are:

Nursery – Catkin
Reception – Conker & Acorn
Y1 – Bluebell and Daisy
Y2 – Dandelion & Poppy
Y3 – Heather & Fern
Y4 – Bramble & Ivy
Y5 – Willow & Ash
Y6 – Oak & Elm

Year groups

Each year group has its own distinctive year group identity and set of responsibilities. Click on the following links to find out how we aim to give each child a unique role and core offer as they progress up through the school.


One of the Nursery children’s key roles is to look after the Nursery garden. The children plant, care for and harvest a wide range of vegetables and herbs. Everything is grown as organically as possible and there is a rotating crop of seasonal vegetables. When the vegetables are ready to harvest, the children take them to the kitchen where Junior cooks them for lunch. In addition to growing vegetables, we also have some fruit trees and bushes which we often use for cooking activities.

During Nursery we also get to go on some exciting trips including City Farm and the Secret Garden on Hampstead Heath. Some of the topics we enjoy in the Nursery include finding out about Space and Animals. Children and staff like being in the Nursery because it’s a happy and friendly place with a welcoming, calm and purposeful atmosphere and there are lots of interesting and fun activities.

Key responsibilities:

  • Gardening in the nursery vegetable garden
  • Keeping the garden tidy


Reception focus on learning through exploration. In our classrooms there are always opportunities to use our imaginations, be creative, construct, increase our number and shape understanding, and develop our knowledge of the world around us. We begin our journey as readers and writers in reception, using high quality texts.

The children learn to be independent and responsible so that they can become creative, curious and confident learners.

Our main topics are traditional tales, festivals and celebrations, space, animals, food and cooking and underwater creatures. We also do a unit on superheroes and pirates! During YR we also get to go on lots of exciting trips including the Grant Zoology Museum, Kentish Town Fire Station, Pizza Express (where we make our own pizzas!), Hampstead Heath, St Mary’s Brookfield and Sea Life London Aquarium.

The children learn to be independent and responsible so that they can become confident learners.

Key responsibilities:

  • Getting to know Brookfield & the roles of people who work there
  • Becoming familiar with rules & school routines to increase independence
  • Looking after our learning spaces by working as a team
  • Gardening and looking after our animals
  • Picking up litter and ensuring the YR outdoor area is tidy

Year 1

Year 1’s main role is to look after the environment. The children pick up litter and look after plants in the playground. They also have to be energy conscious and remember to switch off lights when they leave the classroom.

During Y1 we also get to go on lots of exciting trips including the ‘Great Green Plant Adventure’ at Hampstead Heath.

One of our major topics is ‘Green Fingers’, where we focus on our Year group identity by growing plants. Other topics include: Marvellous Me, Light & Dark, Toys, Dinosaurs and Water Wizards.

Children and staff like being in the Y1 because it provides a good transition between Reception and Year Two.

Key responsibilities:

  • Fruit monitors
  • Checking lights in KS1
  • Picking up litter & gardening in KS1 playground
  • Perfect Penguin monitors
  • Buddies with Year 4

Year 2

Year 2 has a focus on literacy. The chidlren read stories to a variety of audiences. We love sharing our books with reception and reading with our Year 5 Buddies. Another important role we have is to really focus on developing exciting writing, by using powerful language and exploring interesting texts, including The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S​ Lewis.

During Y2 we also get to go on exciting trips including Kew Gardens and the Museum of London, where we learn all about the Great Fire of London. We are also lucky enough to go on a wonderful visit to the seaside!

Our main topics are “The Great Fire of London”, “The Seaside” and “Comparing Kenya to the UK”. We try to link our Literacy to these topics and the children enjoy this cross curricular approach.

Key responsibilities:

  • Lunch buddies for Reception
  • Getting out playground equipment
  • KS1 Register Monitors
  • Responsible for caring for the baby chicks
  • Buddies with Year 5 classes

Year 3

In Year 3 we foster children’s independence, and they have two key responsibilities. These are being a Fruit Buddy and a Lunch Buddy. As a Fruit Buddy they are responsible for selling fruit in the KS2 playground at break time. As a Lunch Buddy they are expected to help the younger children and the adult supervisors in the hall. The children particularly enjoy being Fruit Buddies as it brings them in contact with the older children in KS2 and gives them a sense of importance.

Our main topics in Y3 include Ancient Egypt, Weather Around the World, and Our Local Area. We also get the fantastic opportunity to observe baby chicks hatching in the classroom. We look after them for a few days afterwards and the children get a lot pleasure out of watching them grow and being able to handle them.

During Y3 we also get to go on lots of exciting trips including The British Museum, where there is an excellent collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The children also enjoy visiting the British Dental Museum and the Planetarium.

Children and staff particularly like being in the Y3 because it offers lots of new experiences, including being in a different playground and having swimming lessons.

Key responsibilities:

  • lunch buddies for KS2 (rota)
  • KS2 Register Monitors
  • Picking up litter in KS2 playground
  • Maintaining wormery
  • Library – book recommendations for KS1
  • Chatting to Y2 about Y3 transition
  • Buddies with Y6

Year 4

Y4 aim to bring awareness to environmental issues and sustainability as well as learning more about caring for animals and looking after class pets. The children have responsibilities for gardening in the Key Stage 2 playground and the wildlife areas in school.

In addition to our school premises, we also have strong links with Waterlow Park in the form of an allotment within the old kitchen gardens. This is regularly maintained and the children take on the role of the primary gardeners.
During Y4 we also get to go on lots of exciting trips including: Hampton Court Palace; National Portrait Gallery; Globe Theatre; London Zoo; the CLC and the Neasden Hindu Mandir.

Our main topics are: Henry VIII and Tudor Life: Endangered Species:Andy Goldsworthy sculptures; India; Habitats and ‘Wider Opportunities’ within music when we all get to learn a new musical instrument.

Children and staff like being in the Y4 because it provides us with opportunities to get outside in order to access an out-of-school learning environment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Adopting an animal
  • Wildlife areas in school
  • Gardening in KS2 playground and Community Garden in Waterlow Park
  • Watering indoor plants
  • Charities – RSPCA links
  • Community links – Hampstead Heath, Highgate Cemetery
  • Fruit Buddies
  • Buddies with Year 1

Year 5

One of Year 5’s key roles is to make links with various parts of the community, e.g. other classes, parents, the local area and even international links.

The children have an overall responsibility for weekly recycling within the school. In addition to this they are also involved in projects with other year groups, and aim to forge links with the wider community such as raising money for the maternity unit of the Whittington Hospital.

During Y5 the children also get to go on lots of exciting trips including the British Museum, Gamelan music workshop, Ragged School Museum, Regent’s Park Mosque, Lauderdale House, and a day trip to Paris!
Year 5’s main topics are Ancient Greece, Environmental Issues, the Victorians, Space and the Planets (Science and Music), Cricket.

Children and staff like being in the Y5 because it is a year in which the children become increasingly mature and responsible for their environment.

Key responsibilities:

  • Collecting recycling from classrooms, offices and staffroom (weekly)
  • Checking that KS2 classroom lights are switched off
  • Setting up cake sales
  • Ensuring cloakrooms are tidy (KS2)
  • Community links – Holly Lodge (including community garden) and Highgate Library
  • Buddies with Y2

Year 6

Year 6 set an example to the other children in the school. The children act as buddies in the infant playground on a rota at lunch times which gives them the opportunity to organise games and take on the responsibility of supporting the younger members of the school, thus fostering a warm and caring end to their time at Brookfield.

In addition to this, they also ‘buddy’ with a year 2 class, helping with reading, learning times tables and collaborating on art and design technology projects. This helps engender self-esteem and the older children revel in the realisation of how far they have developed since their own time in year 2.

During Y6 we also get to go on lots of exciting trips; including the residential school journey to Sayers Croft, a highlight of the school year. During this trip the children grow in confidence and really bond as a year group team.
Our main topics are World War II, Kenya, Britain since 1948 and a focus on honing their maths and English skills in preparation for secondary school.

Children and staff like being in the Y6 because they act as role models for the rest of the school and have special responsibilities such as showing visitors around Brookfield and assisting teachers in assemblies.

Key responsibilities:

  • Taking visitors around the school
  • Playground buddies & playground equipment (rota, everyone involved)
  • Setting up the computer, chairs and benches for assembly
  • Summer Term – talk about transition with Y5
  • 2 children from each house elected as House Captains
  • Buddies with Y3


There are 4 houses in the school which are named after the following mythical creatures: Phoenix, Dragon, Unicorn and Griffin. Children are always placed into the same house as their siblings.

We currently use our houses to help organise large events such as sports days and to facilitate end of playtimes.