Applications to Nursery and for in school year admissions can be found at the top and bottom of this page or collected from the school office. We encourage you to complete a form and book on a monthly tour with the headteacher.

PDF: Application for a Camden school place during the school year

Our current admissions policy is as follows:

1. Reception places will be offered to children on a full-time basis. All applications for Reception places must be made directly to the local authority. Applications should be made on line at

2. Applications for older children should be made directly to the school if you live in Camden. If you live outside of Camden, applications should be made to your local authority.

3. There is a separate process for children with Statements of Special Educational Needs. Please contact your local authority’s Special Educational Needs Team for further details. For Camden residents the Special Educational Needs Team can be contacted on 020 7974 4530.

4. Listed below are the criteria in priority order used to determine your application for community schools.

a) Looked After Children (children in public care) and adopted children who were previously looked after. Legal documentation will be required to confirm this status.

b) Children with a brother or sister at the school.

(Please note that this criteria does not apply if an older child has left the school prior to the younger child’s start date)

c) Social/Medical- Children whom the local authority accepts have an exceptional medical or social need for a place at the school. There will have to be a clear link between the child’s exceptional need and the school in question. Parents/carers will need to submit a case supported by appropriate professional evidence to a panel convened by the local authority.

d) Distance.

If necessary, priority within group (a) or (b) will be decided by the distance criterion (d).

5. Parents of Nursery children should apply directly to the school. Parents and carers should note that a place in Nursery does not guarantee a place in main school as the above criteria come into play.

PDF: Application for a Camden school place during the school year

PDF:  Application for admission to Brookfield Nursery 5.17