Newsletter 3rd February

Key EventsDates
Children’s Mental Health WeekMonday 6th – Friday 10th February
Year 3 to Waitrose Cookery SchoolTuesday 7th February
Ivy FAB Performance for parentsWednesday 8th February 11am
Bramble FAB Performance for parentsWednesday 8th February 2.30pm
Daisy Drumming PerformanceWednesday 8th February 2pm
Bluebell Drumming PerformanceWednesday 8th February 3pm
Fern FAB Performance for parentsThursday 9th February 11.45am
Heather FAB Performance for parentsThursday 9th February 2.45pm
Dress to Express DayFriday 10th February
Last day of half termFriday 10th February
Half termMonday 13th – Friday 17th February
School beginsMonday 20th February
Year 4 PAC MathsThursday 23rd february
Year 4 to Camden Learning CentreFriday 24th February
World Book DayThursday 2nd March
Quiz NightThursday 9th March
Year 1 Omved GardensThursday 16th March
INSET DayFriday 17th March
Year 1 PAC MathsTuesday 21st March
Year 2 PAC MathsTuesday 28th March
Year 2 FAB Performance for ParentsWednesday 29th March
Year 1 FAB Performance for ParentsThursday 30th March
Community Volunteering DaySaturday 25th March, 10-1pm
Last Day of TermFriday 31st March
Spring HolidayMonday 3rd – Friday 14th April

Laurel’s Update

It was a pleasure to attend the Acland Burghley Dance Show at the Arts Depot in Finchley yesterday evening. As well as being impressed by the creativity, standard and range of dancing, it was wonderful to see Lois and Finn from year 6 perform with the Junior Dance Group and Brookfield alumni in both solo and group appearances.

I am happy to announce that we have successfully filled the two parents governor vacancies for our school. We received two applications for the two posts so we did not have to go to ballot. The two new parent governors are Christine Kirkpatrick and Peter Schiazza who we thank for volunteering for these roles. You can read more about Christine and Peter in the ‘Meet your New Parent Governors’ tab below. I am sure you will join me in giving them a warm welcome.

Next week, we look forward to focussing on our children’s well being with a range of activities planned by our School Council. We will end our half term with a ‘Dress to Express’ day on Friday where children will be invited to express themselves through their clothing and hair. There will be loose change bucket collections on the gates to support our mental health provision at Brookfield.

Class news

Catkin at Kentish Town City Farm

On Tuesday Catkin Class visited Kentish Town City Farm. They have been telling the story of The Three Billy Goat's Gruff so it was great to see and touch some real goats to enrich this experience.

The children learnt lots of interesting facts about what goats eat, what they like to do and how to care for them.

Did you know that a group of goats is called a Trip? We also had a chance to meet the other animals, including pigs, sheep, donkeys, guinea pigs and chickens as well as Shirley the cow. It's free to visit Kentish Town City Farm - we would highly recommend a visit whenever you get the chance!

Punctuality and Attendance

This week whole school attendance figure is 94%. Our new aim is 95%...we are so close!

Well done to Acorn, Daisy, Elm and Ash for the highest attendance in EYFS, KS1 and KS2!

Nursery Catkin 74.9%
Rec Acorn 98.6%
Rec Conker 90.5%
1 Bluebell 89.3%
1 Daisy 94%
2 Dandelion 91.7%
2 Poppy 93.6%
3 Fern 93.8%
3 Heather 81.8%
4 Bramble 93%
4 Ivy 86.9%
5 Ash 95.8%
5 willow 90%
6 Elm 95.8%
6 Oak 94.8%


There are a high number of children who are late for school. Please see below for a reminder of your child's start and finish time. The register closes ten minutes after this time. When a child starts the school late, they miss out on learning and this can also affect their wellbeing.

Please ensure your child is on time for school every day and speak with the class teacher if you need any support e.g. creating a reward chart in school, advice on establishing routines or if you would like to access breakfast club.

Ten Minutes Peace

Today years 1-4 enjoyed a special assembly with Molly who is the founder of 'Ten Minutes Peace'. Many of you will have already met Molly through her wonderful parent workshops. The Ten Minutes Peace programme is designed to enable children, teachers and parents to embed a wholesome yoga and breathing practice into their school life, home environment, and beyond. It is time and cost effective; and offers a chance to pause and re-group at any point in the day with a few simple techniques. The children practised a range of simple breathing techniques with Molly today.

This week, teachers also took part in a ten minutes peace session with Molly to ensure that they feel confident in carrying this out in the classroom.

Ask your child to show you a breathing technique today!​

Pupil Voice Update

School Council

This week, school council met with Tom from the Mental Health Support team to help plan 'Children's Mental Health Week' which takes place next week.

The children took suggestions from their class based around the theme 'Let's Connect'. We are pleased to say that they have decided on the following:

Class Compliments

During Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, each class will be assigned a child from another year group. They will spend the week trying to get to know that child and at the end of the week, they will write a compliment to them.

Thank you to School Council for choosing and helping to organise this idea!

Meet your New Parent Governors

Christine Kirkpatrick

Hi everyone, I'm Chris - mum to Juliet in year 3, Raffy in year 6 and Clara, who used to be at Brookfield and is now at Parliament Hill. I've been a Brookfield parent for 10 years now, and feel a strong connection to the school.

I've been a class rep a couple of times and supported the fantastic fairs and other events. Now that my kids are that bit older I'd like to contribute more.

My background is in health and I've worked for the NHS for 15 years. For the last 6, I've run a children's asthma programme. It's about bringing lots of people together to improve services, at times questioning current practice, and raising awareness. I also worked on children and young people's mental health during lockdown. It's these sorts of skills and perspective that I hope to bring to the role of parent governor.

I think we are only now finding out the implications of Covid on the wellbeing of our children and I'd love to support the school in doing everything we can to address issues arising from that time.

Peter Schiazza

I am really excited to be one of Brookfield Primary School’s new parent governors. I have two kids in the school in years 3 and 5 and therefore have a vested interest in helping Laurel and the team keep making Brookfield a wonderful, warm and aspirational place to send our children.

I have a background in science (Pharmacy) and the arts (Photography) and therefore know the importance of education as a way to gain self confidence in the world. I will try my best to help govern Brookfield to be the best it can be, by adding a positive and practical voice that will represent the parents to the school.

Information and Events for Parents and Carers

Camden Sport Half- Term Activities

Click here to find all the events in Camden over the February  holiday. They are all free or affordable.

Free Webinars for Parents & Carers

Have a look at these great webinars on offer from various organisations around Camden.

Camden and Islington Family, Food and Feelings

City Mental Health Alliance Webinar

Depression in young people​


There have been a number of cases of Impetigo in the school. If your child has Impetigo they are able to return if they started their treatment of antibiotics.

From the Office

Reporting Injuries

If your child has had an injury that requires a cast, sling, splint etc. You will need to report it to the school office so we can complete an assessment with you to ensure that we can keep them safe in school.

After School Club and Late Pickup

We understand that unforeseen events can happen. We will just like to remind you that After School Club finishes promptly at 6pm. You will be charged a late fee if you come any time after 6pm.

PTA News

Infants Playground Target Achieved!

Thank you so much for all the parents and carers who donated to the GoFundMe campaign for the infants' playground equipment. We have hit our target, and are delighted that your children will get more out of their break times.

*** Quiz Quiz Quiz ***

Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 7th Feb (that's next week). The Quiz date is March 9th (Thursday).

The tickets are being sold this year by table. There are 8 to a table, which makes up your team. Strictly no more than 8. Cost is £10 per ticket.

You will be able buy a whole table in one go, or separate tickets. The quiz organisers can't be responsible for working out who is on which team, so please do arrange among yourselves.

Pupil Premium

Eligible families will be given a 'coupon' / code to enter at checkout, which reduces the ticket price to zero. The code works for 2 tickets.
IMPORTANT: We still need people to be allocated to a table, so you need to complete the checkout process, even though no payment will be required. Otherwise we can't manage the ticket numbers.

On the night:

The table numbers do not correspond to any location in the hall - table 4 will not necessarily be near tables 3 or 5, etc.

There will be a bar with soft drinks, wine and beer, and bar snacks. There will NOT be a meal served.

The quiz doors and bar will open at 7:30pm, with the quiz starting at 8pm. We aim to finish by 10pm.

If you want to help on the night, Rob needs a quiz helper, possibly with an eye to taking over once he leaves(!)

Football - fancy a game?

It's at Acland Burghley, Mondays at 8pm - contact if interested.

Coming later in the year

To start the World Book Day events we will be launching our sponsored reading challenge next week. It will be held over half term and the weeks leading up to World Book Day on the 2nd of March. Look out for the sponsorship forms next week, prizes will be given for the most raised. The money will go towards some fantastic new books for the school.

We are very sorry that we had to postpone the Community Breakfast and PTA chat. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

And lastly don’t forget we are still looking for a couple of people to take on the co-chair role next year. If you want to find out more please email us at we are very happy to meet and have a chat about what the role entails.

Also please have a look at the new ‘How you can help the PTA’ section of the website if you would like to help in other ways.

Things we are looking for help with include:


Face painting
BBQ Team
Run the bar
Run the tuck shop
Decorate the hall
Any Eco ideas for fun extras for the kids

Auction (aiming for Summer Term, but planning starts NOW):

Run the Bar
Food Options
Decorating the hall
Any contacts for donations

Cost of living crisis

Cost of Living

Everyone is likely to need a bit of help this winter due to the rising cost of living. If you’re struggling to afford the essentials – including food, energy bills or housing costs – or if you’re in debt, help is available.​ support and further information.