Newsletter 21st January

Key Events​Date
Open afternoon – parent/carer teacher meetings school closes 1-1.15pm
* except for Blossom & Catkin classes
Thursday 27th January
Spring INSET day – school closed to all classesFriday 28th January
Open afternoon for classes 2 Poppy, 3 Fern & 4 BrambleMonday 31st January
Year 1 Parent And Children(PAC) maths workshop in the bottom hallTuesday 1st February 9am
Year 1 trip to Golders Hill ParkWednesday 2nd February
Safeguarding workshop for parents and carers in the bottom hallFriday 4th February 9am
Year 3 Parent And Children(PAC) maths workshop in the bottom hall Monday 7th February
Year 2 Parent And Children(PAC) maths workshop in the bottom hall Wednesday 23rd February
World Book DayThursday 3rd March
Chair of Governors and Headteacher coffee morningFriday 4th March 9am
Year 6 coffee morning in the bottom hallFriday 18th March 9am
Junior Choir performing at UCL AcademyMonday 21st March
February half termMonday 14 – Friday 18
Last day of Spring termFriday 1st April

Laurel’s Update

It was a pleasure to be able to invite parents and carers to our first Parent and Children (PAC) maths workshop in more than two years! Children and adults learnt maths games together that they can play at home to support their fluency. Thanks to Lucy, Hannah and Summer for presenting and the games are available on slides below for those who couldn’t attend. Thanks to the parents who came to our third Anti-Racism Committee meeting as we plan to find out more from the children about their experiences and work towards a culture where everyone belongs and thrives.

Please book Zoom appointments with class teachers for our Spring open afternoon (see next item). These meetings are an opportunity to find out how your child is progressing emotionally and with their learning and to find out how you can support at home. On Thursday, school closes at 1pm for Y2 and 6, 1.05pm for Y1 and 5, 1.10pm for Reception and Y4, 1.15pm for Y3 while Blossom and Catkin classes remain open. After School Club is available for children who have been booked in advance. School is then closed on Friday 28th January for our INSET day focused on our New Brookfield Curriculum.

Open afternoon

We have introduced a new online booking system which we hope makes booking your meeting with your child’s teacher quick and easy. The booking system is delivered through ScoPay which many of you will already have an account for paying for dinners, after school club and other activities.

Here’s how to book:

Log into your ScoPay account:

If you do not have an account, please contact the office to get a code

  1. Once logged in, select the Parent Evening tab on the top toolbar.
  2. Click select meeting
  3. Select the date of your meeting (27th January for years 1-6 with the exception of 31st Jan for Poppy, Fern and Bramble class)
  4. Choose your preferred 10 minute time slot and submit
  5. The teacher will circulate the zoom meeting link to you by email

Please contact the office via email or call us on 02072729627 if you have any problem making your booking.

Covid update

We have seen a rise in the number of cases at school this week amongst children and staff. You may have had a letter informing you that there has been a case in your child’s class, or that we have been advised by Public Health to introduce additional measures for a class where there are multiple cases.

The school will continue to monitor cases with the local Public Health team, and follow the guidance set out by the DfE.

While families may struggle to get Lateral Flow Devices, we do appreciate your care in testing children when they have been in close contact with a confirmed case. Thank you for keeping your child at home if they test positive. The latest guidance is that children can return to school from day 6 of infection following two negative Lateral Flow Devices taken at least 24 hours apart.

Office Updates

We have a member of staff seeking a parking space. If you have a driveway or other parking facility near to the school that you would be willing to lend or hire out during the week, please get in touch with Rosie in the office.

Further to our reminder last week, there are still some accounts with money owed to the school. All accounts must be paid each half term. If you are in arrears, please pay it now or come and speak to us about your situation.

Lost Property – please ensure that coats, clothing, bags, packed lunch boxes and water bottles are labelled so that we can reunite lost property with its owner. Un-named items are regularly sent to charity as we do not have the facility to store quantities of lost property.

Year 3 Journalism

On Monday, Year 3 were treated to a fun, insightful and informative journalism workshop with Cleo’s parents, Sophie and Tom. children learnt the art of questioning and getting the answers you want by using playground activities (and some political news) to create headline stories. the children are now fully prepared to become reporters for the Year 3 newspaper, The Brook Education News. Thank you Sophie and Tom for your wisdom and many laughs!

Year 4 Parent And Children (PAC) Maths

This week, Year 4 took part in our first PAC maths session of the year. It was fantastic to have parents back in the hall playing maths games with us. Please find the slides here, in case you could not make the session or would like some reminders.

Year 1 Trip to Golders Hill Park

We will be visiting Golders Hill Park on Tuesday 2nd February to support our learning in Science on animals.

We will be back for lunch but could you ensure your child is dressed appropriately with sensible footwear. We will be travelling on the bus,  exploring the park and looking at its small zoo. 

These trips can only go ahead if we have parent volunteers to ensure the children are safe. Please let us know if you would like to come along and help out. 

Amy & Jo 

Reception junk modelling and clothes

Please bring in any materials you have that can be used for junk modelling. Things you might normally recycle, such as cardboard boxes (nothing too big, smaller/medium ones are great), kitchen roll tubes, plastic containers, lids etc. It would be great to have some unusual shaped items as we are hoping to make robots next week! 

If you have any unwanted clothes that might be useful for reception to keep as spares if children need to change, please bring them in and give them to Seren, Kate or Becca. We are particularly in need of leggings/ trousers in the 4/5 age band.

PTA News

Welcome back from the PTA! Just to remind you of who is who: you are all members automatically if you are a parent or carer. The actual committee is:

  • Sophie Wong, co-chair
  • Nicolai Gentchev, co-chair
  • Rob Minto, treasurer.

We are all happy to chat ideas any time, do email us at the usual:

Things for this term:

We are looking at running a bake sale and pre-World Book Day, a costume swap.

We are also looking at a book swap, and a return of the QUIZ – in school, if possible.

We are keen to run a specific book fundraiser for the library – please have a think, especially anyone with connections to publishers or bookshops.

Any other forest school/regreening Brookfield fundraising ideas would be great to hear. Stay in touch!