Christmas Card PTA Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week the children will be taking part in the Brookfield PTA fundraising Christmas Card Project. We are partnering with to create your cards. Details of the project can be found here on their website:

The Christmas Card designs will be created this week in school. They will be sent home with their design which will have an order form on the back. If you would like to order cards or some of the other exciting products on offer please fill in the form on the back of your child’s design and hand it back to the school by Monday 22nd November.
Please be careful filling out the form to avoid any ink leaking through to the card design. The design for the cards will be printed from anything on the front of the form.

Payment can be made online here. Details will also be in the newsletter. If you are unable to pay online please bring EXACT payment in an envelope with your child’s Name and Class to the office by Monday 22nd November. Unfortunately there will be NO CHANGE available from the office.

*Pupil Premium students will be entitled to 1 free pack of Christmas Cards.

We are very sorry for the short time given to order, it is so that you will get your items back as soon as possible. The company will take two weeks to create the cards and other products.

If your child wishes to make another design, or they have a younger sibling who would like to join in please feel free to download and print off a copy of the order form and create their design on the back. It can be found below. It will need to be handed in to school by the same date. (Monday 22nd November) If you do not want the school name or a different child’s name on the card, please make this clear on the order form. Please make sure that any writing or important parts of the design are at least 1cm for the edge as some cropping may occur.

The cards are blank inside for your message, so they don’t need to be Christmas cards, they can also be designed and used for any other celebrations.

The other products are as shown attached and on the company’s website, with additional borders added on. The cards will just be your child’s design with their name and school on the back, they will not have a border.

We hope that your child has fun with this project and that you like it too!

The order form is here:

Best wishes

The PTA Team