Newsletter 14th May

Laurel’s Update

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim children, families and staff! I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s celebrations.

During May half term and beyond, the school and Camden are embarking on ambitious plans to improve our building’s efficiency. Please get in touch if you would like to support the school’s efforts to become carbon neutral by 2030. The first step is to improve the insulation in our loft spaces.  This does mean that we will not be able to host the Fit for Sport holiday camp at half term.

Please find the Nursery and Reception Curriculum letters attached with details of our innovative new Brookfield Curriculum.

Extreme Earth in Year 3

In Year 3 this half term in Geography we are looking at Volcanoes, Earthquakes, what’s under the ground and sustainability! Last week we conducted a FANTASTIC experiment to demonstrate how volcanoes erupt when pressure is built up from under the Earth. We used the classic mentos and diet coke method! The children yelped and squealed as the coke erupted higher and higher! “It was fun and so exciting!” said Marily from Heather. What a magical memory of learning!

Year 6 Anderson Shelter

This week, Year 6 have been learning about how families kept safe in their homes during WW2. We have looked at different types of shelters and thought about when these would be used. As part of our learning, the children were asked to construct their own model Anderson Shelter. They thought about how the shelters became a key part of lots of gardens, with some families even growing vegetables on top of them. One group was keen to ensure their shelter was sturdy and put it through rigorous ‘bomb testing’ to check the structure would survive, which it did! 

Year 6 Bake Sale

Here is a message from the Year 6 Finance Committee:

On the 24th of May we (Year 6) are holding a bake sale on the corner of  Chester road, opposite the Library. We are doing this event as a fundraiser for our Year 6 sleepover and production. There will be vegetarian, vegan and gluten free items available. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Summer Parent and Carer Workshops

Laurel and Mel enjoyed meeting parents and carers from Years 2 and 3 for an online  phase coffee morning on Thursday morning. There were updates from the school, the positive response of children to the new curriculum and discussion about times tables.  

Please see below, our full programme of workshops for this term which are at 11am via Zoom each week.

Please join Seren and Louise on Thursday to hear about the exciting plans for oracy at Brookfield and how you can support your child develop their speaking and listening.

Zoom meeting ID: 718 2430 4068, Password: xxsL5B

20th May: Oracy with Seren (EYFS Lead) and Louise (Oracy and English Lead)

10th June: Year 4 and 5 coffee morning with Laurel and Lauren (Phase Leader)

17th June: Year 6 coffee morning with Laurel

24th June: Nursery, Reception and Year 1 maths with Lucy (Maths Lead) and Seren (EYFS Lead)

1st July Art with Emily (Art Lead)

8th July: Head teacher and Chair of Governor’s drop in

tbc: E-safety parent training with Sus (Computing Lead)

Book of the week

The Violet Mackerel Series by Anna Branford

Violet is a wonderful little girl with an appreciation of small things. The first in these books, ‘Violet Mackerel’s Brilliant Plot’ introduces us to thoughtful, kind and quirky Violet and her family who can be followed through a series of books. The author is the inspiring Anna Branford who I interviewed for World Book Day. I’ve always loved curling up with a Violet book and a cup of tea and a biscuit even though the books are recommended to 5-8 year olds and I’m fully grown! They’re so beautifully written and warmly comforting. Just lovely.

Mental Health Parent Workshops

Camden’s Mental Health Support Team works closely with Brookfield to provide mental health support to children here. They have a series of parent/carer workshops that are free to attend. Please find information attached. Parents and carers have found this invaluable in the past to better understand and help your child. If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Lillie on

Wellbeing Tip of The Week

How to actively listen
When we’re going through a hard time and try to talk to someone about it, it can be very frustrating when we feel that we aren’t being listened to. Sometimes people offer a solution straight away or dismiss the issue like it’s no big deal. They might think they’re helping, but actually it makes us feel like our feelings aren’t important (and we might do it unintentionally to others too). All anyone wants is to have their feelings validated and this can happen through Active Listening:

  • Validate feelings – acknowledge their feelings without judgement, e.g. by saying: “That sounds really upsetting” (no matter your opinion on the matter)
  • Give full attention and eye contact, avoid distractions e.g. put your phone away
  • Be patient and comfortable to sit with their feelings – moments of silence don’t have to be filled
  • Just be there – we don’t have to fix the problem, just giving your time to listen is enough

Here is the Weekly update from Camden council about Coronavirus

PTA News

Good news – it looks like we may have new committee members stepping forward – and a new chair or co-chairs. We’ll update you as and when…

Tech fundraiser

SO CLOSE! We have raised £2,345 of our target of £3,000. But that’s not all – with Gift Aid, the total increases to £2,888!

Can you be the person to get us over the line – we just need another £112…


(The tech fundraiser is all about getting enough digital devices for all of Brookfield children for effective online learning. Equal access to technology remains a priority goal for the school, led by Sus, Reception teacher and Head of Computing. Please do donate.)

Summer Fair

We are keen to have one, date to be confirmed asap. It will most likely be towards the end of the summer term (July), and as usual a 12-3pm time.

Any ideas – a theme? – or particular stalls you want to see / run, or general suggestions, please get in touch. We want your input to make this a joyful return to normality – a fun community event.