Newsletter 29th January

Update from Laurel

It was disappointing to hear this week that schools would not be reopening after half term. We now look forward to the 8th March and hope that this date will be the beginning of a phased return for all our children to school. We will share plans with parents and carers as soon as they are available.

At school, our staff start each day sharing appreciations and things that have made us smile. I hope that in your households this week, there have been moments of thankfulness even though so much is challenging. It has been wonderful to see returned work – we spend time at school looking through the children’s writing, problem solving and creations. If you haven’t been able to send work in this week – feel free to drop it into the office or post on Google Classrooms where our dedicated staff provide praise, encouragement and feedback.

Enhanced feedback

On Google Classroom, when your child has submitted work, teachers will be providing written or verbal feedback using ‘mote’. ‘Mote’ enables teachers to record a voice note to children, so children can hear first hand what their teachers think of their work. Please look out for the little purple icon, and click on the link to listen to the recording. If you are using an iPad, you have to copy and paste the link into a browser. I hope the children benefit from the enhanced written and oral feedback they now receive.

Live lessons

At Brookfield, we take a blended approach to home learning with a combination of live lessons, recorded lessons and activities for children to complete in their home learning packs. We are now in full flow with home learning including year group lessons to start each day, daily storytime at 3pm with Laurel and special guests, live PE lessons, a weekly assembly with Stephanie, reading cafes and even a singing group! In addition, children are identified for individual or small group sessions with our teachers and support staff through the week.

We are always reflecting on our provision and welcome recommendations from parents to

Our latest risk assessment is available here:

Parent workshops in the Spring term

On Thursday 11th February at 11am, parents and carers from across the school are invited to join Laurel for a Year 1 & 2 coffee morning. Come along to hear updates about the school and also share recommendations. The Zoom link is the same each week. Please see the programme below for the menu of workshops for this half term. We look forward to seeing lots of you there!

→ Thursday 11 February:   Year 1 and 2 coffee morning with Laurel
→ Thursday 25 February:   Year 3 & 4 coffee morning with Laurel
→ Thursday   4 March:        Phonics
→ Thursday 11 March:        Supporting your child at home with reading
→ Thursday 18 March:        Year 5 & 6 coffee morning with Laurel
→ Thursday 25 March:        Maths with Lucy, Maths lead

Zoom Meeting details
Meeting ID: 718 2430 4068 / Passcode: xxsL5B 

SEND Coffee morning

Thank you so much for all the parents who came to the SEND coffee morning. It was great to see you and hear your valuable feedback. Hopefully we can have another soon! If you were unable to make it please find attached the presentation slides feel free to email me if you have any questions. 

Laura (

Creative kids

Rory and Betty in year 5 collaborated to create this song and album cover together. What makes it even more impressive is that they managed this remotely, sending different parts of the song to each other. Well done Rory and Betty! We can’t wait for your next song.

Virtual Festive Concert, December 2020

Listen to some of the children who have instrumental lessons at Brookfield, performing pieces on their instruments. A big well done to all the children who played and thank you to the instrumental teachers and David Bodger, our IT technician for putting the video together. Enjoy!

Children’s Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health Week is from 1st – 8th February this year. Mental health awareness has improved so much over the last few years but there is still a lot of work to be done. Children’s Mental Health Week aims to raise awareness of mental health difficulties in young people and to educate themselves, teachers, parents and carers about the warning signs, as well as how to promote good mental health.

It’s important to remember that mental and physical health are of equal importance. At Brookfield, we truly believe in mental health education, eloquence, awareness and support. Here are a few resources for you to promote Children’s Mental Health Week at home. Please reach out if you have any suggestions or want to know more:​ or Thank you! 

Brookfield Song Club

Jill Owen (Brookfield parent and piano teacher) has very kindly offered to set up a virtual singing group that will be called ‘Brookfield Song Club’. This is just for Brookfield children at 4.30pm every Wednesday. It will mainly be aimed at KS2 children, although keen singers and siblings lower down the school will be very welcome. 

The sessions will include singing games, vocal training and song learning. here will be some well known songs e.g. ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’, ‘Bare Necessities’ (Jungle Book), ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ (Toy Story) and new songs also. In addition there will be the opportunity for children to suggest songs to sing. Most of all though it will be FUN! The children will be on mute for most of the session to ensure that Jill can be heard. More confident singers will have the opportunity to volunteer to sing publicly. 

The sessions will begin on Wednesday 3rd February in a Google Meets link to be shared in Google Classrooms.

Reading Cafe

Attention children of Year 3 and 4! (And maybe more year groups in time)

Come to the virtual Reading Cafe with Louise (Year 3 teacher) on Tuesdays at 2pm! Bring a book you love or come to hear great recommendations.

Here’s the meeting link: Bring snacks!

Big Garden Birdwatch

We hope you have all enjoyed making your bird feeders this week as part of your weekly forest school activity.

If you’re keen to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch, the good news is there’s still time to join. You simply pick any time between 29 and 31 January to spend an hour watching the birds in your garden, local park, wooded area or watching from your window, record the amount of birds you spot, sign up for free to the Big Garden Birdwatch and then tell them what you’ve seen.

In your hour of watching, you’ll get to see the fascinating antics of your garden birds. From squabbling starlings, lively long-tailed tits to fluttering blue tits, you never know what will show up until you start looking, and it changes every minute. Happy bird watching!

Lily in year 5 Ash has created an amazing poster to go with the weekly forest school bird feeder activity – great work Lily!

And Daisy in year 6 has constructed this amazing bird box – well done Daisy

Coronavirus update

See the latest update from Camden council (download below):

PTA News

We are still on the lookout for a new co-chair. Interested? Thinking maybe? Get in touch and we can chat.