Latest on school closure

Dear parents and carers,

Following yesterday evening’s announcement by Boris Johnson, that primary school would be closed until at least February half term, I am writing to provide support and encouragement for this next period. While I am sorry that school is only open for a limited number of children, we are in a better situation than we were in March, having learnt from home learning and lockdown experience.

It is a bitter disappointment that schools have had to close to most children, especially when they have been making such strong progress being back in school since September. With short notice, we have been able to establish home learning and in school provision for key worker and vulnerable children. Now that we know that this is going to be in place for six weeks, rather than two, we are thinking creatively about how we can enhance the home learning offer and will update you with more information this week.

In his television address last night, Boris Johnson said that there will be provision for children eligible for Free School Meals who are unable to be in school. As yet, we have received no communication about what this will be or when it will be available. As soon as I have further details, I will be emailing you as I know how valuable the vouchers were in last year’s lockdown. If you are struggling in the meantime, please get in touch Mel, Assistant Head, at Children who are in school and who usually receive Free School Meals will continue to do so.

On Thursday morning at the revised time of 10.30am the first of our virtual parent workshops will begin. Mel, Assistant Head, will be presenting our New Brookfield Curriculum which reflects our community, embraces deeper learning and leads to beautiful outcomes. Stephanie and I will also attend and will be available to respond to questions and listen to recommendations about this half term.

Zoom Meeting details
Meeting ID: 718 2430 4068 / Passcode: xxsL5B

Please contact the school via email ( or phone (020 7272 9627) if you need any support or have questions for us.

Yours, Laurel