PTA: AGM details

Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in attending the AGM this year. Here are the details you need.

It’s on Thursday 10th September, at 6pm. We are running the AGM on Zoom as we are not ready to do in-person meetings yet.


You will need to install Zoom. Assuming that’s all OK, the Zoom link to access the meeting is:

Or if you prefer, you can type the meeting ID in. The ID is:

849 0674 3570

and the passcode is



The Agenda is in the link below – it’s a PDF.

Any other items for the agenda, or questions, please email. There is always Any Other Business at the end of the meeting where topics can be brought up.


The draft accounts to be ratified for the school year 2018-19 are here as a PDF as well.

Please take a look. If you have any questions in advance of the meeting please email Rob.