Newsletter 19th June

The last week has bought mixed emotions. We are delighted that we have been able to open 195 places for children to attend school 4.5 days a week. The children who are here remain healthy, safe and happy. While we have nearly half of children back at school, we are also bitterly disappointed that we are unable to expand this provision on site. The limitations of bubble classes having no more than 15 children with consistent staff make this impossible. 

The priority we place on the children’s mental health has encouraged us to think of innovative ways for our children learning at home to safely socialise and engage in activities. We have therefore placed all children in years 2-5 in satellite bubble classes. From Monday, each satellite class will have a PE lesson on the Heath with Haseeb and Aaron. This afternoon, parents and carers have been sent a letter with information about this. The children will be able to mix within their bubble class, while our teachers will teach from a 2m distance, enabling them to teach safely across classes. 

Year groups will meet on the Heath, behind the tennis courts, on the following days: 
Monday: Year 2
Tuesday: Year 3
Wednesday: Year 4
Thursday: Year 5 

This is just the start. We will continue to grow this provision and look forward to seeing how our satellite bubble classes enjoy their time together over the coming weeks.

Black Lives Matter 

Brookfield families showed solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters with a march from Dartmouth Park to the Parliament Hill bandstand on Thursday. Click here for pictures and the full report:

Wood That Works

The wonderful Ricky and Jess at Highgate Newtown Community Centre are now open for groups of up to five for woodwork classes. There are free spaces for children whose families are experiencing financial hardship. Please email or call 07506 504 220.

Maintaining Social Distance

Thank you to all our parents and carers who have been keeping a social distance from each other when dropping off and collecting children from school. We are aware that some children from different bubble classes are mixing after school or meeting on the Heath and not maintaining a distance. This negates all the efforts we are making in school to keep bubble classes separated. Please speak to your children about why the measures are currently in place for everyone’s safety.


Wednesday 1st
July Parents and Carers – Online Safety Discussion Led by Mary Rebelo for Camden Learning 
Sign up for the video link at:

 A session for parents and carers focused on the need for heightened awareness around children’s and young people’s online safety during the current situation. We will look at how this has impacted on young people’s online use.

The session will include:
Advice about risks and opportunities online
Games and Social Media – functions and settings   
Question and Answer time 

Two sessions are scheduled on Wednesday 1st July 2010 at:
1:00pm – 2:00pm 
7:00pm – 8:00pm

30 Hour Nursery funding deadline for the autumn term

This is just a reminder for nursery parents about 30 hour funding.  The deadline for both the Government and Camden 30 hour funding is 31st August.

Government 30 hours funding for working parents: parents should visit to apply or log into their gateway account to reconfirm their code.  Codes must be reconfirmed every 3 months.  Codes must have a validity start date of 31st August or before and a validity end date of 1st September or after to be eligible for the autumn term.

Camden Enhanced Offer for disadvantages parents: applications must be received before 31st August for eligibility for the autumn term. Parents will need to apply on-line at

Year 5 Working From Home

The Year 5 teachers continue to be very impressed with the children’s hard work and creativity. Enjoy a few examples of the children’s amazing work here:

Year 6

This week, Year 6 made Balloon Rockets out of straws, string, balloons and tape. We tested how far they could travel and were even able to get them to shoot up, just like a real rocket. We tied the string to different areas of the ship to see if the angle of the string made a difference to how the balloon travelled. 

Stars of the week

Catkin – Luther for the wonderful video of the journey he took us on of his new home.

Acorn – Star of the week is Freya, we are super impressed by her writing and how hard she is working at home!

Poppy – Star of the week from home: Rosa for creating imaginative and interesting videos for her literacy work. I love the expression you use and can see that you have put in a lot of effort when making these. What a star!

Poppy star of the week from bubble class: Cleo for always listening and working hard on every activity. You are also very kind and helpful.  It has been a joy getting to know you!

Fern – Robin for engaging more and more in home learning and some excellent research in his chosen research topic of football!

Heather – Star of the week is Pele for such positive, happy and fun contributions to Google Classroom!

Bramble – Milly for her brilliant work on Okapis and Annie for her passionate non chronological report.

Ivy – Kaiden is star of the week for Ivy Class​ – He has worked unbelievably hard this week and throughout his time at home. He has impressed me with his positivity and encouragement on google classroom and this week, blew me away with an incredible rap about Brookfield!

Ash – Whtiney for her positive, enthusiastic and hard work this week. She stayed focused for the whole session of her learning. Well done!

Willow – Star of the week goes to Theo who is submitting high quality, neatly presented work each day. I am really impressed with his drive to do well.


Year 6 Yearbook

Reminder for Year 6 parents who have children at home to please bring in your yearbook packs to the school office. The PTA are working hard to get all of these together, it’d be greatly appreciated if you could get those into the office before 9am on Monday morning.

The packs mentioned were delivered to your homes this week.

Please also can any of those who haven’t please also send photos over to – We need 2 x portrait photos of the child, ideas include; a baby photo, first day at school, funny photo, selfie etc. Thank you all in advance!