Newsletter 12th June

This week, the government announced that it was removing the plans for all primary year groups return to school before the summer break. This has been disappointing for us all and we wish we had the capacity to open for all Brookfield children. In reality, this would mean having 30 rooms, 60 teaching staff and more outdoor space. I understand that what was meant to be a temporary situation has now lasted for three months. This continues to be a difficult, frustrating and challenging time. I want you to know we are working hard to create safe opportunities for our children learning from home to play, socialise and learn together. We are thinking creatively to see what can be arranged for the final month of school and will let you know as these innovative plans develop.

Whole School Health

The children have done so well in adapting to new hygiene routines at school. None of our bubble classes have had to close and thank you to parents for keeping your child at home if they, or anyone in the household, show any of the following symptoms from the government guidelines:

  1. The recent onset of a new continuous cough
  2. A high temperature
  3. A loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell

Testing is now available to anyone – including under fives – who develop new coronavirus symptoms. To book a test, go to the national coronavirus testing website or phone 119. Testing is most effective within the first three days of a person experiencing symptoms. If you have any questions about coronavirus testing, please contact

Black Lives Matter

As protests continue to take place across the world in response to George Floyd’s death, we would like to share two excellent, thought-provoking, age-appropriate lessons with you that we have been using in school, produced by VotesforSchools.

The KS2 (Y3-6) lesson explores the impact of systemic racism and the changes the current Black Lives Matter protests hope to prompt. It focuses primarily on the US, particularly on the role of protesting, social media, and Government response, and paves the way for further discussion about racism in the UK. The lesson also provides children with ways that they can safely take a stand through VotesforSchools’ ‘Call to Action’ in the supporting Home Learning Guide, so we hope they feel empowered to make themselves heard.

The KS1 (Y1-2) lesson asks the question ‘Should you stand up for other people?’ and looks at a broader range of situations more appropriate for younger children. 

Both of these lessons are suitable for home learning, but we recommend that you read through the lesson before sharing it with your child

A notes section at the bottom of each slide provides further guidance when the lessons are read in ‘normal view’.

Presentations were emailed out to parents as well but can also be downloaded or viewed below. If you didn’t receive this please email

Seren Quested, PSHE Lead

Black Lives Matter

Many Brookfield families were proud to be involved in the Black Lives Matter march on Thursday, which started from Cricks on Bickerton Road and went to Hampstead Heath via Swains Lane.

Parent Webinar Series

Dear Parent/Carer,

Our Mental Health Support Team (MHST) School Practitioner from Camden Open Minded are re-running the following parent webinar series which includes the following topics:

  • Parent Self Care
  • ‘Good enough’ parent and child interactions
  • Managing routines for your child
  • Understanding and supporting your child with worries

If you wish to attend, please express your interest to Faye: stating the following: 

  • Your name
  • The webinars you are interested in.
  • Your number
  • You’re availability- this is needed incase the session needs to be rescheduled due to low numbers.

Dates TBC based on the number and availability of people interested. 

Faye Winslade

Healthy School Streets

We are working with Camden to think about how we can make the streets around Brookfield safer, especially as families socially distance while dropping off their children. 

Camden are currently rolling out a programme of Healthy School Streets, as part of the ‘Making Travel Safer in Camden’ scheme. Phase 1 has been implemented and includes some measures around schools, and phase 2, will be implemented in the coming weeks/months. More information can be found here: 

Brookfield could become part of phase 3 and it will be discussed in more detail at Camden soon.  In the meantime, it would be useful if parents and carers could put their suggestions on the Commonplace map, here:

Encouraging walking, cycling and scooting to school

Camden’s Transport Strategy Team’s aim is to make it easier and safer for people to walk and cycle locally. These safety measures include widening pavements, reducing through traffic on residential streets  and creating “pop-up” cycle lanes.

If you have any suggestions for measures near Brookfield, please email: or

Cargo Bikes

Camden have a small fleet of electric assist cargo bikes available to loan free of charge if you are a Camden resident/parent/carer/business/charity, or your child goes to a school in Camden. We suggest loans of at least a month, or at least half a school term, and maximum of 3 months. This can be decided if a loan is appropriate. If you do not have somewhere secure to store the bike it will not be possible for us to loan one to you, due to the large cost of the bikes. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a loan.

Here are the links to the types of bikes available:

Tern GSD:  
Urban Arrow family: 

Safety Measures on Swains Lane

Please find letter below from Camden council regarding changes on Swain’s Lane to make it easier for you to walk and cycle in the area in response to Coronavirus.

Videos to support parents of children and young people during the pandemic

Our partners, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, have created two videos to support parents of children and young people during the pandemic. These are short but with good advice and are presented by child psychotherapist Laverne Antrobus. The content was brought together as a result of questions from parents.

Video 1: Connecting well. 

Even with the best intentions, parenting can be testing at times. COVID-19 has added an extra layer of complexity that hasn’t been easy to navigate. Child psychotherapist Laverne Antrobus answers parents’ question and others, including:

  • As a parent, how do you get “me” time during lockdown?
  • Has your kids’ sibling rivalry taken on serious tones during lockdown?
  • How do you support an outgoing / sociable child during this period of isolation?

Video 2: Coping well

  • Parents, how are you coping under social isolation measures? If you’re like most, you’re encountering new parenting challenges, sometimes on a daily basis
  • This video offers support for parents through the tricky bits: finding routine, managing screen time and getting good rest during lockdown
  • COVID has brought death a closer reality for many of us. As a parent, how do you support your child through the grief?

Stars of the Week

Catkin – Tia for her wonderful number formation by finger painting the numbers 1, 2 , 3, 4 and 5. Great job Tia!

Conker in school – Jessica for working hard at her writing everyday even when she didn’t want to. 
Conker at home – Charlie for regularly returning his work on google classroom.

Acorn – Toby who has done so much work at home and has really been challenging himself, especially with his maths.

Dandelion – Dandelion star of the week is Nico. He has been putting so much effort into his home learning. I’ve been really impressed with his creative writing. 
Here’s a very descriptive sentence that he used in one of his pieces of writing this week: ‘They glided down and cautiously opened his cave-like mouth with jagged teeth staring at them.’

Fern – Hector for truly exceptional effort in his writing task – creating a comic book strip with photos and speech bubbles – very professional!

Heather – Elissa for consistently turning work in and sending beautifully presented pictures of all her fantastic learning!

Willow – Arda is Willow’s Star of the Week for his wonderful cherry tree drawing and fantastic writing from the point of view of Michael in Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Ash – Star of the week in 5 Ash goes to Dorothy for recreating The Cholmondeley Ladies painting independently and in such a creative way. 

Elm – Elm’s star of the week is Ruby for trying hard with her home learning and exploring a new, exciting story! 

Enchanting Bakes

Enchanting Bakes is a small London-based biscuiterie whose bakers (when they’re not doing the school run) make custom-made, letterbox-friendly, delicious biscuit gifts. 

The Brookfield staff were recipients of an Enchanting Bakes gift box this week, and we can confirm that they are yummy! 

Whether to thank your team whilst they are working remotely, send a gift box to tell someone you miss them, or a gift in time for Father’s Day, visit the Enchanting Bakes website to find out more: Brookfield will receive a 10% donation for any orders placed.