Newsletter 7th May

A message to parents & carers from Laurel

Parents-please watch the message above. It includes a sincere thanks for the wonderful job you are doing in supporting and teaching your children at home. I encourage flexibility in your approach to home learning while teachers endeavour to make activities achievable and low stress. Thanks to all the parents and carers who have completed the online feedback – there is still time to do this and help us make improvements.

Please ask for help with any school, health or financial worries. The school telephone is staffed from 8 – 9.30am and 3 – 5pm, or email anytime, please get in touch. If we don’t have the answer, we can find out who does. Your children will be benefiting from extra time with you, consider daily times to talk and develop their background knowledge about your family, heritage and interests. Try putting the subtitles on when the television is on to increase their reading time. A year 2 parent has shared that a grandparent listens and reads to their child over Skype or Zoom – a great idea! For under fives, research supports the website EasyPeasy which texts daily play activities to your phone and is free until the end of May.

More than ever, it is the strength of relationships that will see us through this time. I hope you and your children are still feeling the invisible string that binds our Brookfield community.

Parent Webinar Series

Please find a letter below from Faye regarding a range of parent webinar workshops including:

  • Parent Self Care
  • ‘Good enough’ parent and child interactions
  • Managing routines for your child
  • Understanding and supporting your child with worries

Stephanie’s Virtual Friday Assembly

Comic Style Drawing

Mark Oliver (last year’s FAB artist) has begun to create some exciting art activities called ‘Creative Care Packages’ that can be done at home!  The first of the series of ‘Creative Care Packages’ can be downloaded and printed from their website:

Times Tables Rock Stars & NumBots

All children in Y2 to Y6 have been signed up to a website called Times Tables Rock Stars. This is somewhere they can go to practise different times tables, play games to challenge themselves and improve their fluency. They can create their own characters and even challenge their teachers! If you would like your child’s log-in details, please get in touch with their teacher. 

For Y1 children, there is a similar website called ‘NumBots’. This website focuses on fluency when counting, adding and subtracting. It is important these key skills are maintained during this time, to help the children when they return to school. Again, if you would like your child’s membership details, please get in touch with their teacher. 

Stars of the week!

Nursery Catkin: Tia

Reception Conker: Alex who did the writing assignment not one, not two, but four different ways!

Reception Acorn: Mohammad who has been incredibly busy at home reading and writing, making great progress. Also for getting involved with our suggested activities and more!

1 Bluebell: Hunter for working incredibly hard in all of your work. We have been especially impressed by your writing as you have strived to keep your handwriting neat and include finger spaces – such an improvement! Keep up the hard work!

1 Daisy: Esen for all of her hard work in her maths to find number bonds to 10 and 20! Not only that, she is also working through her own maths work book too. Very impressed!

2 Poppy: Janell for putting in so much hard effort with her home learning. We were blown away by her letter to Mr and Mrs Goldilocks. She included brilliant adjectives such as beastly. We are so proud of you, keep up the hard work!

3 Heather: Max for an amazing array of home learning and lots of enthusiasm!

3 Fern: Lois for fantastic effort and positivity in all of her home-learning! And for doing other fun learning activities with her family and sending photos of her SMILING always!

4 Ivy: Rory  because not only has he been working unbelievably hard on the tasks set of Google Classroom, but he has been taking the time to lift peoples spirits in his community with his wonderful chalk drawings thanking the NHS. Well done Rory!

4 Bramble: Lily for all of her brilliant observational drawings of birds.

5 Willow: Clara for engaging so well with our new novel Kensuke’s Kingdom, asking questions about the plot and trying her best with all of the tasks. Showing a fantastic attitude towards her home learning!

5 Ash: Jake for producing neatly presented, high quality maths work and for perseverance in multiplying by 2 digit numbers.

6 Elm: Joe for engaging so well with his learning this week. We have been really impressed with all the work he has uploaded and the effort he has put into it! 

6 Oak: Doris: for continued great effort across all activities on Google Classroom, and contributions to online class discussions. I really enjoyed reading your postcard entries this week too- keep up the great effort, Doris.