Newsletter 3rd April

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School is not the same without you all. We miss you so much and can’t wait to welcome you all back. We are still Brookfield, even when we are not together. I hope the Easter break provides us all with some time to process the events of the past few weeks, to relax and to discover new skills.

In case the children have missed school, I have prepared a tour of part of the school for the children to watch:

Home learning

Children and parents – you have made a great start with your home learning! Well done for making the huge change from learning at school to learning at home. Thank you to parents and carers for supporting your children’s education while juggling your other responsibilities. Here is guidance for how home learning will work from 20th April:

In addition to interactions through Google Classroom, some children will receive phone calls from their class teacher or learning support assistant to provide them with additional support and encouragement.

Access to technology and the internet

We are aware that our home learning depends on families having access to technology and the internet. Over the past two weeks, teachers have worked closely with individual families to arrange loaning our Ipads to and posting paper copies of work to selected children. Camden is aiming to support families with both technology and internet access. Please contact the school if you, or a family you know, is being challenged by access to technology. We will do everything we can to help.

Home Learning Week 3

Please find work from home guidance for year groups, this has already been provided via teachers this week but we want to keep all content available on the website for you all.


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