Newsletter – 19th December

Events next term:

6th January – INSET day, school closed to children

7th January – Children return to school, NSPCC assemblies (Y1-6) NSPCC workshops (Y5/6) information letters being sent today to Y5/6, please contact Faye if you would like more information on the assembly or workshops

8th January – Prospective parent tour 9am (bookable online)

13th January – Assessment week begins for Y6

14th January – Bluebell to Tower of London

17th January – Daisy to Tower of London, Y4 to the Science Museum and Y6 to Churchill War Rooms

24th January – Y3 PAC Maths

28th January – Y2 PAC Maths

30th January – Open Afternoon (school closes at 1.45pm)

4th February – Y4 PAC Maths

5th February – Prospective parents tour (bookable online)

6th February – PTA auction

10th February – Y5 to the British Museum

12th February – Primary Maths Challenge

14th February – Y1 PAC Maths and Y3 to the British Library, FAB project: Junk Orchestra performances (Y2 and Y4)

10th March – Choir to the Royal Albert Hall

School News

I write this having just been delighted by the year 2 nativity. The children performed brilliantly,  having been ably prepared by Becca, Laura, Norah and Anthony. It was such an inclusive show with all children contributing and joining in. The children told me: Charlie Y1: I liked working with the other class. Habiba Y1: The nativity makes me feel happy, I like the stars and angels. Frankie Y1: I enjoyed learning the lines, songs and dressing up! Heame Y4: It was fun! There were about 11 songs! Sian Y5: They learnt their lines and songs surprisingly well! 

Thank you to Juliana for 6 years of specialist teaching at Brookfield, she is pictured below at her celebratory tea party! I wish all our Brookfield families a wonderful Christmas break and look forward to welcoming you back at 8.50am on Tuesday 7th January. Laurel x

I would like to thank all the parent helpers who dedicated a whole day to helping me clear and organise the Science cupboard. I could not have achieved anywhere near as much without your help. THANK YOU! Carla x

Here are some pictures from today’s staff pantomime! Huge thanks to Stephanie for organising and to the rest of the cast for a great show. The children loved it!

Community events

Get dancing at the Star on Saturday 21st – £5, tickets available here, and proceeds go to Brookfield!

PTA News

A huge thank you to all the parents, carers, reps, grandparents, staff and governors who have volunteered and helped out at the events this term. We have had an amazing Barn Dance and Winter Fair, as well as bake sales (Thai food!) – all were hugely fun and made lots of money for the school, so well done. You’ve earned yourselves a break. And for anyone who has come, enjoyed themselves and bought something – thank you. Your support and generosity have made this a bumper fundraising year and created a great atmosphere at events.

Coming up in 2020…

The auction is back. Tickets will be on sale in early January, and some of the lots to be bid on are, frankly, amazing. Stay tuned. Book the babysitter for Feb 6.


We need a new co-chair to run things with the wonderful Lulu as Rob is moving to be treasurer. If you’re thinking “hmm, yes I might be interested” – let us know. You won’t regret it. Have a think over the holidays and come back with the right answer. Don’t make us use the Kitchener image again.

Stay classy, Brookfield. See you in 2020.