Card Game of the Week

Double/Near Double Snap

Being fluent with your double facts helps to unlock many other maths skills. Near doubles are an extension of this – if you know your doubles well, you can use these to support calculations which are close (e.g. 3+3=6 so 3+4=7).

To play this game…

First take out the picture cards.
The game is played similarly to regular snap, when your cards are the same you can shout SNAP! Then you must say the number sentence (for example 8+8=16 or double 8=16) to pick up the cards. If you get the number sentence incorrect, your partner gets the chance to take the cards.
The twist with this version is you can also SNAP! on a near double, as long as you can say the number sentence (for example I know 5+6=11 because double 5 is 10).