Newsletter – 26th November

Events this week….

Tuesday 27th – Y5 basketball tournament at Talacre (10am-12pm)

Wednesday 28th – Y6 trip to the Imperial War Museum and Shakespeare Schools Foundation working with Y3

Thursday 29th – YR Parent Tour 1:45pm (this can be booked via the office)

Friday 30th – E-safety workshop for KS2 parents (9.00am Lower Hall), E-safety workshops for Y6 (pm) and Nursery Lantern Festival at Hampstead Heath (3:30pm onwards)

Saturday 1st – Winter Fair (12 noon – 3pm)

NB: Please don’t forget to vote in the parent governor elections. THE VOTE WILL CLOSE NEXT MONDAY. The ballot box can be found in the office.



This Friday we are inviting KS2 parents to attend an online safety workshop in the lower hall at 9.00am led by Mary Rebelo. Mary is the Online Safety Ambassador for CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency) and part of the safeguarding board for the London Borough of Camden. The workshop will provide helpful guidance regarding online safety, raise awareness of online bullying and make you more aware of the potential risks.

We hope to see lots of you there.


Carla (Science Subject Leader) writes

The Bank of England is looking for nominations for someone who has contributed to science to feature on the new £50 note and many people feel that it should be a woman.

You can nominate as many people as you like. But anyone who appears on the new £50 note must:

  • have contributed to the field of science
  • be real – so no fictional characters please
  • not be alive – Her Majesty the Queen is the only exception
  • have shaped thought, innovation, leadership or values in the UK
  • inspire people, not divide them

You can suggest anyone who has contributed to the fields of pure or applied science. That could include: astronomy, biology, bio-technology, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, medical research, physics, technology and zoology. Suggestions include Ada Lovelace, Caroline Herschel or Rosalind Franklin.

You can visit: to print out a note design sheet or ask your teacher for one.

DEADLINE: 12th December 2018

Carla will share a photo of your design on Twitter with @bankofengland.

Don’t forget to tag your photos as #ThinkScience. You can include your first name and age if you would like to but this isn’t essential.


This morning, Leanne and Haseeb spoke in assembly on Saturday’s Winter Fair. There will be lots of exciting activities to look forward to including: the 2 choirs performing, a Gingerbread Competition and Santa’s Grotto. Over the course of the last few years we have received some very imaginative entries to the Gingerbread Competition and I am hoping this year will be the best ever. Gingerbread mixture will continue to be on sale in the playgrounds after school if you would like to take part. Below are a few examples of past entries.


I am delighted to announce that we have booked Touring Theatre Company to perform Peter Pan to the whole school on Monday 17th December in the afternoon. It promises to be a lot of fun. The cost of the show is £595. If you would like to help sponsor it, please contact the office on Many thanks!


Tomorrow, Tuesday 27th, we have two sporting events taking place. In the morning our Y5 team participate in a basketball tournament from 10am-12pm. After school our Y5/6 football team have two matches and we should return to school by 5.40pm (traffic dependent). Let’s get behind both our teams and wish them all the best!

On Wednesday 28th we have two Y4 teams taking part in a bench ball competition after school at Talacre. Let’s wish them good luck as well!

Last Wednesday, a last minute place became available for a basketball competition and we managed to scramble a team together. With no preparation, our boys team qualified for the finals andgave some good performances. The girls team also managed to qualify for the finals and finished second after an excellent performance. Thank you to Tamatha for supporting the children with the event.

Next week I am launching a skipping challenge! More details to follow in next weeks newsletter. Untill then…GET SKIPPING! There will be prizes!  – signed photos of yours truly 🙂

Time is like a river. We cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life – wise old Haseeb 


Parent Governor Elections.

Please place your ballot papers in the box in the school office, or send it in with your child. Voting will close at 4pm on Monday 3rd December 2018.


If your child usually has a packed lunch but would like a delicious Christmas lunch on Wednesday 12th December, please let the office know before Friday 7th December. The cost will be £2.40 for KS2 children.


Download ParentHub and follow our school channel (@BrookfieldCamden)

*** Winter Fair ***

A message from Leanne, our Winter Fair organiser:

Dear Everyone!

Well, it’s cold and about time for a Winter Fair, I’d say! Luckily ours is very nearly here (this Saturday, 1st December) and we’re pretty excited, I can tell you!

There are a few things we still need to make sure the day runs smoothly; that there isn’t a three week queue for the face painting, that kinda thing.

So PLEASE take a look at the list below and think about how you can join in. Write to Leanne at with any offers. Thank you!

We need:

  • A face painter to paint alongside Ali (the pro who would give you any support you need)
  • A photographer (or two/three) in the Grotto to take pics of Santa and the happy kids
  • Volunteers to change the recycle bins bags (just think of the glamour! This is to help with our first ever efforts to RECYCLE at a fair. Yay! The right bin needs to have space if people are expected to sort their rubbish and recycle.)
  • Bottles for the bottle tombola (wine, bubble bath, squash etc)
  • Pre-loved toys and books
  • Raffle prizes
  • Craft and festive goodies to sell on the Winter Market
  • Cakes and biscuits brought in on the day
  • If your child would like to perform on the STAGE at the fair please contact Lucy Read on– all performers are most welcome whether it be performing music, poetry reading, dancing, juggling etc…
  • Volunteers to decorate the tree and hall on Thursday evening from 7pm
  • Volunteers to set out the hall on Friday from 4.30pm
  • And of course, volunteers to run your year’s stalls. Please get in touch with your class rep for this one

Watch out for people selling raffle tickets every day after school and we’ll also be selling gingerbread mix for you to take home. Shape it, bake it and bring to the fair to enter a competition for the most amazing gingerbread-thing!

Totally in awe of everyone’s efforts to make this a wonderful day. Thanks to you all.


*****THANK YOU!*****

*** PTA drinks ***

Thursday 13th December – 8pm in the Lord Palmerston – please note change of venue for variety! Everyone welcome.

Eliane, Lucie, Rachel, and Philip, the PTA committee