Newsletter – 2nd July

Events this week….

Monday 2nd – Globe Workshop for Y1

Tuesday 3rd – 4E trip to Highgate Library for art installation day

Thursday 5th  – KS1 Sports Day (am) Wider opportunities concert (10.15am)

Friday 6th – Reading Progress Prize Assembly (10:15am), 4C to Highgate Library for art installation day and School Council Elections

Saturday 7th – Summer Fair



Next Thursday, we will be holding our Summer Term Open Afternoon. This will take place between 3.30pm – 5.00pm when you will be able to go and view your child’s learning and also visit their new classrooms. In addition to this, there will also be an option to book a 10 minute appointment between 5.00 – 6.00pm with your child’s class teacher. If you would like to book an appointment, please contact your child’s class teacher to let them know either via email or the school office. A letter will be going out next Monday with confirmation of the class lists for next year.


Following on from this year’s lowest nursery intake (a borough wide issue), There are still places for next years YR. With this in mind, if you know of anybody who is / will be looking for a Reception place for September, do point them in our direction. On an encouraging note, nursery numbers for this coming September are up!


Congratulations to all the children who entered the Rights Ambassadors Mascot Competition. The quality of the entries was very high. The Rights Ambassadors had great difficulty in choosing

a winner but in the end opted for the following winners who received Animalium activity books (Runners ups) and the hard back Animalium book (Winner):

The winner – Joe (6B)


The runners ups – Max (1L), Ivy and Nancy (4E) and Fatma (5O)

Many thanks to Seren and the Rights Ambassadors for organising the competition. We look forward to seeing the new mascot on the new certificates in due course.


Lucy writes – Last Thursday Year 2 visited the seaside at Broadstairs. We had a fantastic day jumping over waves, building sandcastles and eating ice cream! We were very lucky with the weather and managed to spend the whole day playing in the sunshine. The only thing to put a downer on our day was the pesky seagulls trying to take our sandwiches!


Over the course of the last 2 – 3 weeks, both YR and Y6 have been involved in 2 very successful moderation visits from Local Authority moderators. Here are some of the quotes lifted from the reports:

YR Moderation visit

The reception teachers have a detailed knowledge of the children in their classes which they shared anecdotally, providing examples from children’s achievements in everyday activities in a range of contexts.

A range of appropriate evidence was shared at the moderation visit taken predominantly from child initiated activities / children’s independent learning.

The school has a holistic approach to assessment in the EYFS through the focused child observation and assessment cycles that actively promote the involvement of the parents and the children themselves.  This approach strongly reflects the principle of responsible pedagogy as described in the EYFS Profile Handbook 2018

All reception teachers have a secure understanding of the expected standard and there is evidence that the team have fully referenced the exemplification materials when making judgements at the expected standard

Anecdotal evidence is highly consistent with recorded evidence

Given almost all staff were new in September 2017,  there is a sense of team work and strong leadership.  Staff fully engaged in an open, professional dialogue about the children discussed.

Y6 Moderation Visit

Tracy Goldblatt (Literacy advisor for Camden) wrote – ‘All of the moderators were so impressed with the quality of the writing seen in your schools and the confidence and knowledge of the year 6 teachers around the standards.’

The range of writing seen, demonstrated a range of audience and purpose.

Clear evidence of independence which was explained by the teachers

Drafts and published pieces supported judgements

Teachers confidently talked about each child using the Assessment Framework

All teachers knew their own children and each others due to cross moderation

I would like to extend my thanks to Laurel, Mel, Sus, Kate, Seren, Katie and Barnaby and to all the staff who helped prepare so thoroughly for these moderation visits.  Very well done!


We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the following new children and families who have started in recent weeks: Alana (RKS), Sunny (2G) Will and Flora (3C) Kea (4E) and Emily – former pupil (5L).

Parents / Carers Survey feedback

The results of the parent / carers survey have now been uploaded to the school’s web-site. Please click this link to view more.


Congratulations to our QUAD kid athletes. On a very hot Friday they performed brilliantly and made us all proud! Y3 left the competition with valuable experience and Y4 came 2nd! We had many individual successes too.

This Thursday 5th July KS1 SPORTS DAY will be held at school in the junior play ground starting at approx 9.15am. It will finish by 11am. With the current hot weather, we have decided it would be best for the children to remain at school for the event.

Children are encouraged to wear their house colours:

Dragon (Green)  Griffin (Blue)  Phoenix (Red)  Unicorn (Yellow)

If you are not sure what house your child is in, please speak to your class teacher.


​The event is non competitive and should be fun for the children and everyone involved. You are welcome to follow your child’s class to each of the different activities but as its structured and organised we’d appreciate it if you kept interaction with the children to a minimum during the events. Thank you!

Last week KS2 had their sports day, a great day for all (especially the parents!) Congratulations to those parents who were victorious against the teachers. Sadly, I was unable to take the traditional group picture as I was slightly preoccupied…

Don’t seek the approval of others; just go after it and aim for what others think is impossible – Wise old Haseeb –