Newsletter – 16th July

Events this week….

Monday – Y6 production of Romeo and Juliet at 7:00pm

Tuesday – Rock Steady Concert at 10:15am 

Thursday –  Y5 Kayaking at Pirates Castle

Friday  – Y6 at The Lido

Note: School finishes at 1:45pm on Wednesday 25th July 



Below is a brief summary of our KS2 SATs results this year – our highest results since the new assessment framework was introduced. Camden figures are in brackets.

Reading at expected = 87% (82%)     Reading at greater depth = 49% (35%)

Writing at expected = 84% (82%)   Writing at greater depth = 27% (25%)

Maths at expected =  89% (83%)   Maths at greater depth = 42% (30%)

Spelling Punctuation and Grammar at expected =  91% (tbc)     Spelling Punctuation and Grammar at greater depth = 55% (tbc)

Joint Reading, Writing and Maths at expected =  76% (72%)      Joint Reading, writing and Maths at greater depth = 22% (14%)

We are absolutely thrilled with these results! They are hugely impressive and a glowing testament to the hard work and dedication of our Y6 pupils, staff (Barnaby, Katie, Mel, Asher, Sue and Tamatha) and to all those who have supported the children along the way. Encouragingly, children who were eligible for Pupil Premium and on the SEND register also did extremely well. Congratulations everybody!

Encouraging KS1 SATs Results 

Not to be outdone, KS1 also managed to produce some very encouraging results too. The key headline was that 68% of children met the expected standard in writing –  an increase of 10% from the previous year. In reading and maths, our results (80% and 77%) were similar to last year and  in line with national data. Very well done to our Y2 pupils, Lucy, Gemma, Katherine and Linda.

Foundation Stage Data

Our overall good level of development for children in YR, rose from 68% to 77% (above national) – our highest ever result! Again very well done to our YR pupils, Sus, Georgina, Seren, Kate, Laurel, Kayleigh, Lisa, Elisha and Gabby.

All in all, the school has produced some glowing results and we are delighted to end the year on such a strong academic note!


On Friday, Colin Hegarty, former UK teacher of the Year and builder of the Hegarty Maths Homework Portal, revisited Brookfield to present awards to four Year 6 children who had been most active on the site.​ Children were presented with awards for a combination of undertaking the most Maths tasks, watching the most instructional videos, fixing the most mistakes and trying the most new skills. Congratulations to Nadim (6B), Layla-Ali (6B) Salome (6K) and Kacey (6B).


On Friday, we were treated to an inspirational assembly by Mike Mullen (former BMX Half Pipe World Champion) on developing a Growth Mindset. Mike spoke about Flearning (learning from failures) and related this to how he became a BMX World Champion. Mike encouraged Cassie to step out of her comfort zone into her learning zone by teaching her a trick on his BMX bike. She did very well.  In addition to this, he also demonstrated some amazing skills in the playground and to the children’s delight jumped over 5 brave members of staff. Finally he led some BMX workshops for the Y6s. For video footage of the jump and some of his tricks, do check out the school’s website.


Albi and Dries (RS) helped Mark write this piece.

‘On Thursday, we set our frogs and tadpoles free in Graham and Julia’s garden. They had been living and growing in our classroom for a few weeks. They started as tadpoles. They then grew legs and arms and then they turned into tiny frogs. We had to make sure there wasn’t too much water in the tank. We fed the tadpoles on fish food and they loved it. The 5 frogs were really tiny and Sus held them on her hand. We did not want them to get too big because they would not fit inside the tank. She had to be really careful, so that she did not fall in the pond. Juno and Albi poured the tadpoles back into the pond. It made us happy to see them free.’



Sus (YR teacher) writes:

On Tuesday the Early Years team had its first ever Fun Run on Hampstead Heath. To tie in with this half term’s water theme, the children and adults dressed up like pirates. The reception children had written to Mark asking for permission to use their Sports Day as an opportunity to raise money for the school. With permission granted, they set about writing more letters to Junior for packed lunches, maps for the run and even a list of rules for the adults who were helping for the day. Haseeb led everyone in some fantastic games, from nursery all the way up to the parents.

Every child then climbed to the top of Parliament Hill, hiked down and circled the boating pond. By following the maps we made it to our treasure and a well deserved picnic.

The reception children raised a whopping £912! Half will go towards the new Y1 classrooms to provide resources for role play, construction and topic resources. The other half will go towards new guided reading books for reception and some specially chosen pieces that the children chose themselves: “The little children from Nursery will need these!”

Well done to all the children and their amazing parents. We couldn’t have done it without you!


Many thanks to all those who attended the Open Afternoon last Thursday. It was encouraging to see so many present and to be able to reflect on how well the year has gone and to start looking ahead to September. A big thank you also to the EYFS for laying on another delicious Bake Sale which raised £250.


As mentioned in last week’s PTA newsletter, the Slime stall at last weeks summer fair was a HUGE hit! We want to say well done and a massive thank you to Nancy, Cora, Ivy, Doris, Imogen, Nzezel and Eva who came up with the idea and ran the stall themselves. The girls prepared 20 litres (!) of basic slime on the Friday night and completely sold out, raising £500!


Today was the last swimming lesson for Y3. When they return in September, they will continue swimming  from Monday 24th September until February half term. Thank you to the parents and grandparent who have helped this year. I really appreciate your time and support!

Last Friday, Y6 took part in some BMX workshops and the entire school was treated to a display with a few staff even taking part! The day was enjoyed by the children and adults alike.

This Thursday, Y5 will be going kayaking at Pirates Castle. Please make sure you give the children a full set of spare clothes, foot wear and a towel as a precaution.

*For those asking where Aaron is (PE staff), he has taken a short break to Jamaica for family reasons and will return Tuesday 24th July.

“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread in to your work and in to your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus and you must not stay there. You must go beyond.” Bruce Lee – the man who made it happen! – wise old Haseeb 


Note: This is the last week of clubs. There will be no clubs next Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday (last day of term, school closing at 1:45pm)

We’re hoping to start a Lego club next term and are appealing for donations! Please bring any unwanted Lego bricks or sets into the office to add to our collection! Thank you!


Please ensure your accounts are up to date before we break up, next Wednesday (25th July)

Tamatha writes;

My son Jahleel and I will be spending the summer out in Senegal and will be staying for a while with a friend of a friend, who is active in a local organisation which helps the many street children in the capital city, Dakar. I will be giving some of my time to help out at the organisation. In response to asking how I could help, Salieu (our host) has asked if I could bring some light clothing (especially long shorts, t-shirts & thinnish trousers) and footwear to distribute to the children. They are mainly boys age 6-16 years but they do serve girls too – although the latter do not wear short skirts or knee-length dresses. Ideally clothing should be brand new (they don’t have to be fancy or expensive) or in as-new condition and lightweight ….. ditto for footwear.

As well as garments, they need medical grade liquid iodine to disinfect wounds and various sizes of sterile compresses. I also aim to purchase books and other school-related materials in their own language whilst in Dakar, so if you wish to make a financial contribution towards this, please leave your donation in a sealed envelope at the office for me to collect.

In line with the school’s vision and values, I thought it would be a positive thing to extend this request out to children/parents at Brookfield. I assure you that anything you can donate will be gratefully received and put to very good use!

If you’d like to check out the website of the charity, please follow this link:

Thanks in advance for your generosity and best wishes for an enjoyable break for you and your family.