Newsletter – 11th June

Events this week… 

Monday 11th – Y1 Midsummer Nights Dream Workshop

Wednesday 13th – Y5/6 Cricket Tournament at Regents Park and Reception to The London Aquarium

Thursday  14th – 5L to Paris, Nursery Bear Hunt and PTA Film Night

Friday 15th – Pyjama Day!

Curriculum news


‘Y1 in action –  practising their Shakespeare.’

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we are currently reflecting on this year’s parent / carers survey. Here are a few of the really nice comments included in the responses:

‘Fantastic community engagement – it really feels as though the wider community and area support the school. It’s also really easy to get involved in the school’s fund raising etc. My daughter absolutely loves coming to school. She sometimes wishes she could be there when we’re on holiday! I think this is because she feels valued and supported by her teacher and classmates.’

‘Brookfield has a lovely community atmosphere. It focuses on ensuring that children learn well and make good progress whilst ensuring a creative and fun learning atmosphere without obvious stress and overt pressure to succeed. I was particularly impressed by the way they approached year 6 SATs – preparing the children very well (focusing on each individual’s areas to strengthen) but avoiding any sense of pressure so that all the children I know, felt confident and unworried by the exams.’

‘I have 3 children who have attended Brookfield and as each child has passed through the school, it has just progressed to a better standard. It now has fantastic teachers who are full of enthusiasm that spills over to the children’s learning, making lesson enjoyable, fun and easy to learn.’

‘Brookfield creates a great sense of community and has worked increasingly well and closely with the PTA over recent years to encourage broader participation and involvement. Sport is incredibly well supported and run and Haseeb should be praised here for his dynamism and desire to get the children to take on and rise to challenges and embrace health and fitness.’

‘The Jumanji literacy week was brilliant – transformed the school and the kids didn’t stop talking about it for days. Inviting in projects like the Shakespeare Schools Foundation – again, something the kids really got excited about. Adds a lot of value.’

‘It does a great job in challenging circumstances. In my view it should be rated outstanding by Ofsted.. my older children went to an Ofsted “outstanding ” school (full of very privileged children who had English as a first language) and Brookfield is, in my view, a far better school than it was in terms of consistent teaching quality, pupil happiness, dealing with bullying, inclusivity, to name a few.’

‘Brookfield has an amazing community and I think Mark and his staff are doing a phenomenal job in the face of such punishing cuts.’

‘This school is excellent in putting the needs and welfare of our children first. I like it’s ethos and it’s values and beliefs system which the kids incorporate into their daily school life. Kids are prioritised in everything they do and for these reasons I would not to hesitate to recommend this school to any parent looking for a good school for their children.’

‘Brookfield is such a lovely school. My child has been taught good morals and there’s lots of academic support, the staff team are really lovely and I couldn’t ask for a better school to send my child to.’

Naturally there was also some very useful constructive criticism which we will be reflecting on too.



Don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Kids Film Club next Thursday night (June 14th). They’re screening 101 Dalmatians along with some short animations by children. Pizzas, popcorn, drinks along with the movie. It’s a really fun night for the family. There are only 30 tickets left so if you’re keen to come, please buy tickets – one per person (excluding infants under 2 who can come for free).
Tickets at:

Any children can enter the animation competition. And the most interesting, and original, animations will be shown on the big screen during film night. Follow this link for more information Info about the animation competition:

And some tips to help you make an animation with your child here:

The organisers have extended the deadline until the day before the film club so you still have plenty of time to make, and submit, an animation.


This Friday 15th June, school council are fundraising for some new playground equipment. Children are encouraged to come into school dressed in pyjamas (suggested donation of £1 – £2) and to bring in their teddy or special stuffed toy for an extra 50p. Members of school council will be on the school gate collecting donations – please give generously!

Last week, we were moderated by the local authority for KS2 writing and the team were extremely impressed by the accuracy of Barnaby’s and Katie’s teacher assessments and their knowledge of the children. Very well done! This week are the Y1’s phonics assessments and we’d like to wish the children and the Y1 team, well for these. Next week will be our termly assessment week for years 1 – 5 and with this in mind, please would you make sure that your children get plenty of sleep in the run up to and during the week itself. Many thanks!

I am delighted to announce that Katherine (Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion and Key Stage 1) has been successfully appointed as the Deputy Regional SEND Leader for South Central England and Northwest London with NASEN (the National Association of Special Educational Needs). This is a highly prestigious position and something which she is really looking forward to. In this role, Katherine will be collaborating with a team of 16 SENDCos nationally with the aim of improving SEND Provision across England by supporting schools in developing sustainable models of workforce development in SEND. Katherine will continue working at Brookfield while undertaking the secondment role one day per week, and will be sharing her expertise with other schools and organisations as well as bringing back best practice to Brookfield. I’m sure you would like to join me in congratulating her on this impressive achievement.


Congratulation to Olive Williams who showed great patience and determination in climbing Mount Snowdon during the half term. She camped with her family in the Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia and had great fun doing so. Very well done!

NB If your child / family has managed to achieve something special, do get in touch and we can celebrate it through the newsletter as well!


Seana visited the school a while back and whilst she was here, wanted to convey her thanks to everybody. Apologies that this was not shared sooner!

A huge thank you to the children, parents/carers and colleagues for your kindness and support, this truly means a lot to me!

I was incredibly touched by written messages from the children, parents/carers and the wider community which were presented to me in the form of a ‘special book’. I was overwhelmed by the generous collection, flowers, gifts and cards.

I was also given a beautiful photograph of the first Nursery class I taught at Brookfield. This included children, who are now Brookfield parents Os (Kristina, Sian and Millie’s Dad), Cherrie, (Robin’s Mum and Carrie’s daughter) and staff relations Janet’s son (Jack) and Sam’s cousin (Zak).

This is a caring and wonderful community and one that I miss.

My very best wishes to you all for the future.

Seana is currently working in another lovely primary school and really enjoying her new role, working across the EYFS and KS2.


A massive congratulations to both our boys and girls team for their achievement in the football tournament last Friday. The boys team finished third and conceded only one goal in the whole competition –  sadly the losing goal in the semi finals. The team played really well and have made us all proud.

The girls reached the final but lost to a very well organised Gospel Oak team. After beating them in the league and the league finals this was hard to take but again the effort and fight both our teams displayed is amazing! Out of 30 schools who took part in the football league, only the top ten teams can qualify and to finish where we have is brilliant. This was a good eye opener for me and has made me realise changes need to be made to the current system which I will make to come back stronger for the next campaign! #wegoagain!

The Y5 and Y6 Athletics team will be announced tomorrow with letters to follow later this week. The competition is next Tuesday 19th June and will be held on the running track.

The Y3 and Y4 Athletics team will be announced the following week and the competition is Friday 29th June at the same place.

*There will be no morning clubs this week. The last 10 days of Ramadan have special value and I am spending most nights staying awake praying and reflecting. Normal service will resume from Monday 18th June.

This Wednesday, Y5 and Y6 have a cricket tournament which is being held at the Hub, Regents Park.

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” wise old Haseeb

News from the Office

This half terms lunches are £88.80


And finally, Eid Mubarak to all of our Muslim families celebrating the end of Ramadan later this week!