Newsletter – 14th May

Events this week… 

KS2 SATs – (Monday – Thursday)

Monday 14th – Globe storytelling workshops with Y1

Curriculum news


Tomorrow, we will be uploading OFSTED’s letter onto the website as well as emailing it out with a covering letter from the school. If you require hard copies, they will be available from the main office after school. Do please have a good read!


This week is KS2 SATs and we would like to wish all our Y6 pupils the very best of luck over the coming 4 days. The children and staff have been working incredibly hard and deserve to do well.


Last Friday, you would have received an email with a link to this year’s parent/carers annual survey via Survey Monkey. Unlike Parentview which was purely for OFSTED and gave us limited feedback, our annual survey allows us to make comparative judgements from one year to the next and to hear what you think we are doing well and what we could be doing even better. We would really appreciate it, if as many of you as possible could fill in the survey, so that we achieve the widest feedback possible. Thank you so much!


We’re inviting children to design a rights-respecting mascot for Brookfield to help promote rights and rights-respecting behaviour. Your design could be an animal, plant or something more abstract which symbolises children’s rights. You could even give your mascot a name e.g. Roger the Rights Respecting Radish! The chosen design will feature on certificates, displays, leaflets and the school’s website and, as an added incentive, there are prizes to be won. First prize is a copy of the beautifully illustrated Animalium and we also have two copies of the Animalium Activity Book for runners up. Entries must be submitted to Seren by Friday 18th May and will be judged by the RRS Steering Group. The winners will be announced the following week. We look forward to receiving lots of inspiring designs from you all!

Seren and the Rights Ambassadors.


Linked to the children’s right to the best possible health (Article 24 ), next week we would like to encourage as many children as possible to walk to and from school as part of the 5 day walking Challenge. This is a Living Streets initiative – further information will be available, later on in the week.


Last week, KS2 were visited by Eco-Action Games who delivered an assembly all about the importance of water. Did you know that just 1% of the world’s water is drinkable and that, shockingly, 1 billion people around the world are not able to access their right to clean water? We learnt that one of the best ways to respect the right to clean water is to make sure that we don’t waste it and were told about lots of different ways that we could do this. We also found out about the problem of fatbergs! After the assembly, some of the Rights Ambassadors and School Councillors took part in a workshop to become water saving experts and have been tasked with passing on their knowledge to the rest of the school. As part of the project, Thames Water is giving all KS2 children a free educational card game all about water saving, a shower timer and a leaflet containing coupons with more free stuff for parents and carers to order. These will all be making their way home to you today so look out for them!

Seren and the Rights Ambassadors


Last Thursday, Marc Rowlands (independent pupil premium consultant) spent a day at Brookfield reviewing our policies, procedures and provision in relation to pupil premium support. Marc worked with Mel (pupil premium lead), Elizabeth (chair of govs) and I during the course of the day and took a learning walk around the school as well as meeting some of the children and staff. Marc was particularly struck by the school’s positive attitude towards families eligible for pupil premium funding and our willingness to learn and improve provision still further. He will be sending us a report which will be used to help inform future priorities and actions.


We are thrilled to report that we have managed to secure one of the parking spaces for Linda and Sue and some parking permits too. Thank you so much to those who provided these – we are so grateful! If anybody else has a spare drive which is available, we would love to hear from you.


Firstly, can I remind everyone that Wednesday and Thursday morning clubs are cancelled this week due to SAT’s.

Congratulations to both our boys and girls Y3/Y4 football team for qualifying for the finals. They play tomorrow after school behind the lido and we wish them all the best! Come along and give them a Brookfield cheer!

A letter will be sent out this week regarding the Y5 and Y6 athletics trials. These will be after school on the running track.

22nd May 80m and 200m only

5th June 400m and 800m only

As I can only take a certain amount of children please discuss with your child what they feel would be best for them to compete in. This also gives you plenty of time to prepare them for this.

The competition is 19th June and for those who are selected, a training session will be held which will be confirmed after half term.

Y3 swimming restarted today and will continue until the end of term.

As my quote was cut off from last week’s newsletter here is last week’s and this week’s. Enjoy,

 “I’m not selling a dream to win medals or trophies. It’s a concept, my belief; life will knock us down, in that critical moment when we rise back up, dust our self off and keep going, that we will find success. Just us, as individuals, as people from different cultures, religions, occupations. Fighting our own demons with our two hands. No medals, no trophies. Here’s to the daily grind, the daily hustle. Battle well!” 

 “Pain is a gift, instead of avoiding it, embrace it! Without pain there is no growth!”  Haseeb –


Letters will be out later this week to sign up for clubs after half term. From September, clubs will operate on a termly basis rather than half termly.

Debaters – the annual tournament is taking place next week on Tuesday 22nd May. Information and consent forms will be out tomorrow. Please get these back to me by Friday.

Thanks, Sophie

News from the office

This half terms lunches are £69.60


The local authority strongly advises head teachers not to authorise leave of absence during term time, however, we recognise that there are exceptional circumstances where this may sometimes be required. The school is always happy to consider these requests in accordance with our attendance policy and makes decisions on a case by case basis. However, please note that we will be unable to consider your request with any less than two weeks notice.

If your child is taken out of school during term time without authorisation from the head teacher, you may be referred to the local authority.

If the head teacher does authorise leave of absence during term time, your child must return to school on the agreed date. If your child does not return on this date, the whole period of absence may be classified as unauthorised.