Newsletter – 5th March

Events this week…

MONDAY  – Writing Week begins

TUESDAY – Royal Institute Maths Masterclass for Y5

WEDNESDAY – School Council

THURSDAY – Shakespeare Workshops for Y3 and Y4

FRIDAY – KS1 Wake n Shake

NB This week’s scheduled Y1 PAC Maths has had to move to Friday March 16th at 9.00am. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Curriculum news


Many thanks to everybody for braving the snowy conditions last week and making it into school. The staff worked incredibly hard to keep the school up and running and I am very grateful to them for their support.


Last Thursday was World Book Day and children were treated to a range of different activities including workshops, assemblies, our first ever ‘Big Read’ and a Book Fair. The day was a fabulous celebration of storytelling and great literature and children and adults came away inspired to read and write more.

A special word of thanks extends to Gemma for organising the day and to all the children and staff who got dressed up for the event – all the more impressive given the sub – zero conditions. Appreciations also extends to The Owl Bookshop for organising the book fair and to Tony Dallas, Mary Mount, Dan Carrier and some of the Tottenham youth academy for their input as well.

One of our dads emailed Gemma the following message:

Dear Gemma,

Just wanted to say how much I and my kids enjoyed World Book Day at Brookfield. I don’t get to go to many events but because of the snow I was off work.  Tony Dallas was great, and it was lovely to get to read with the kids at the end of the day.  If anything can inspire the children to read, then this was it.





This week we are organising a Writing week with a Jumanji theme. The school has been transformed into a jungle and children will be using the board game as an inspiration for a range of different writing /oracy outcomes. Many thanks to Katie and Carla for organising this exciting project and to all the staff and parents who stayed behind late on Friday to help set up the school. This was particularly appreciated, given we had just experienced 3 days of snow, Assessment Week and World Book Day.

We look forward to reporting back on how the week went in next week’s newsletter.


This months’ right is the right to shelter (Article 27) and has been chosen by Kitty in 4C. Kitty writes:

The weather has been extremely cold recently and this makes life for homeless people even more difficult. Imagine how you would feel if you had to sleep on cardboard boxes with only coats and sleeping bags to keep you warm in the snow. You might be surprised to know how many homeless people there are in the UK. It’s not just people sleeping on the streets, lots of children have to live in hostels with their families because they can’t afford the rent and are kicked out. Everyone deserves a place to be safe and warm. I think that luxury apartments should be given to homeless people and families to live in until more affordable houses are built.


Our last OFSTED took place in June 2014 and we are expecting another one any time soon. As part of the OFSTED process, inspectors invite parents to complete an online questionnaire to gather feedback on the school. We would love as many of you as possible to do this and with this in mind, have provided a link to ParentView under school information to help facilitate this. Thank you to all those who already have!

We frequently receive positive feedback from our parents/carers and it would be great to share this with OFSTED as well. Click on the image below to register to participate. Alternatively visit Thank you so much!

Parent View - Give Ofsted your view on your child's school


Do come along to our next ‘Governors Drop In’ which will be taking place on Friday March 16th. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback.


A MASSIVE congratulations to our Y5 and Y6 girls football team for going one better this year and making the final of the Camden league finals! They played through the heavy snow, -4* and still played the dominant skilful football they always do. They managed to hold off this years league champions to extra time and lost out by golden goal. I am so proud of the girls: their ethic, resilience and team spirit.

The Camden School Dance Festival is next week and f you have not yet managed to purchase tickets, here is the link again:,5ELLA,L08SQ2,KX0F4,1

*Collection of your child will be from The Place and it will be approximately 7.45pm. A detailed letter will be sent out tomorrow. PLEASE ask your child for it!

The address is: 17 Duke’s Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9PY

The swimming gala training started today. Congratulations to those children who have been selected. I am aware that there are some children who are injured / absent and they will join as soon as they are able to.  The actual gala will be held at Swiss Cottage pool and is on Friday 20th April from 10am-2pm.

The Y6 children who were in the dodge ball friendly which was cancelled last week will be taking part this Wednesday. A letter has gone out today; please look out for it, complete the permission slip and return to me as soon as possible.

Cowards never start. The weak never finish. The strong never quit – wise old Haseeb

News from the Office

Please note that the Spring Term concert has been moved to Tuesday 24th April at 10am . Julia will be sending out letters in the coming weeks and will be auditioning in the first week of next term.


Over the last few weeks I have had to meet with one or two parents about inappropriate use of emails. Please can I remind you, that in line with our home school agreement, you bring concerns to the school  in a calm and considered manner.  It is vital that all staff are treated with the utmost courtesy and respect (both in person, via email and over the phone) and that you work with the school in a positive and supportive manner to resolve any concerns you may have. Many thanks!


Class photos will be taken on Thursday 7th and Friday 8th June.

CONGRATULATIONS to all those who TRANSFORMED the school into a jungle. Loving the birdsong.

We are now looking for a team to help organise the SUMMER FAIR – please drop us a line if you’d like to discuss in a relaxed, non-binding manner.


Year 2 Bake Sale 22nd March

PTA meeting to discuss spending priorities plus future events eg supper club, quiz night, table-top sale, film night and musical instrument tryout session.

ALL WELCOME. Friday 23rd March, 9am – venue tbc.

PTA AGM 3rd May 6.45pm

Summer Fair – July 7th

Eliane and Lucie, PTA joint chairs