Newsletter – 12th March

Events this week…

Monday 12th – Junior Choir to the Royal Albert Hall

Tuesday 13th – Y3 Parkour session and Y5 to Camden Dance Festival

Weddnesday 14th – Y6 to Camden Dance Festival

Thursday 15th – Years 4 and 6 gymnastics competition and Shakespeare Workshop for Years 3 and 4

Friday 16th – Y1 PAC Maths and Governors drop in 9.00-10.ooam

Curriculum news


It can’t be that often that a school transforms into a tropical jungle, but that is precisely what took place last week when the children embarked on their Jumanji adventure.

Each morning, children gathered in the lower hall to watch a video clip and were encouraged to produce some high quality writing in order to move their Jumanji piece along the board and set the teachers free. The range of writing stimuli was amazing – do check out the school blog – and children were excited and stimulated to produce a range of pieces including: a newspaper report, poem, story etc.

Brookfield Blog

Here is the start of Lucas’ story from Y6:

It was 3:30pm on a Friday afternoon. In Brookfield this could only mean one thing…… ”Louise, the playground is yours,” Mark, the greatly feared headteacher sighed reluctantly into the telephone. ”Yes sir, understood, we will be very sensible” she replied putting down the phone. A broad, manic smile buttered itself across her face, ”HEY GUYS!” she hollered, ”it’s time to PARTAAAY!” A tidal wave of teachers surged out of the school and into the playground like a swarm of starving locusts. Mark, sitting in his office, glanced wearily out of his window, he needed a holiday. ‘OMG man, look what I’ve found!” cried Olly, a teacher, squealing like a little child. He slowly pulled a mahogany box from the tunnel of Peggy’s ship. A board game….. Jumanji!

After the stampede of animals

A massive round of thanks extends to Katie and Carla who did a phenomenal job organising the week and to all the staff and parents who also went the extra mile to produce something quite unique and extraordinary. Not only did the week provide the children with lots of memorable experiences – by popular demand we will share the videos on parents evening in the lower hall – it also acted as a great piece of professional development and team building for all the staff. Congratulations everybody!


The results from Round Three of the Camden Timestable Spring Slam are in!

There are 4 rounds of timestable questions, (2x – 12x) with each class in Years 3 to 6 answering a sheet of 50 questions every fortnight, with 5 bonus points for full marks! Years 3-4 have 10 minutes, Years 5-6 have 5 minutes.

We are currently 11th out of 18 competing Schools, with only the top ten schools reaching the final! We are so close!

Average Scores after Round 3

Brookfield Year 3 Average score 33.67 – 13th out of 18 schools in Camden

Brookfield Year 4 Average Score 43.59 – 11th out of 18 schools in Camden

Brookfield Year 5 Average Score 43.65 –  8th out of 18 schools in Camden

Brookfield Year 6 Average Score 47.99 – 12th out of 18 schools in Camden

All Year groups and rounds average scores

9th HTNW3 Average 42.92

10th Torriano Average 42.69

11th Brookfield Average 42.23

12th Fitzjohns 42.17

Please help us reach the final by continuing to practise timestables with your child or children at home. There are also lots of timestables games on

Username: brookfield

Password: ilovemaths

Children will be doing the final round this week. Let’s get Brookfield to the final!


Today, we will be sending home parents evening letters which we would love you to return asap. Confirmation of appointments will be sent out this Friday ahead of next week.


Congratulations to Kayleigh McDonald, our Early Years Apprentice in RKS, who was awarded ‘Best Team Player’ at the Camden Big Thank you Celebration Event on Friday 9th March. The evening was a celebration of the achievements of apprentices and recognition of the support and commitment of their employers. Kayleigh was shortlisted against apprentices from a range of employers in Camden and was presented with her award by MP Kier Starmer. We are delighted that Kayleigh has been recognised for her outstanding contributions to the Early Years children and team at Brookfield.

Do come along to our next ‘Governors’ Drop In’ which will be taking place this Friday March 16th in the music room. We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. The Governors’ Spring term newsletter is also going to be emailed out to parents/carers today – do have a good read!

This week is a big week for sport at Brookfield!

On Tuesday, Y5 will finally get to perform their Brazilian themed dances at Camden School Dance Festival. The Y6 dance squad get to show off their piece at the same event on Wednesday.

Y5 will be leaving school at 12pm tomorrow; please get in touch if you’re able to accompany us down to ‘The Place’ – we are still very short of volunteers. Parents who are assisting us with the journey, please ensure you arrive at school on time! It’s very important that we set off promptly. The performances take place in the evening between 6.30pm – 7.30pm and collection is from The Place at 7.30pm.  It is a long day for the children and you must provide them with enough food for the day. We will provide a pack lunch for school dinner children only.

The children not participating in the festival will still be expected to attend school in the afternoon. Alternative arrangements will be provided.

This is the same for Y6. However, their technical rehearsal is quite late so we won’t be leaving school until 3pm.

On Thursday, a mixed squad of Y4 and Y6 are taking part in a gymnastic competition at Talacre. I also need parent support for this. Please let me know if you’re available.

Due to the extra trips and activities going on this week there will be no morning clubs and Ball Sports is also cancelled – please make alternative arrangements. 

‘You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction’ – Wise old Haseeb


Due to the choir performing at the Royal Albert Hall this evening, Songwriting Club is cancelled after school today.

Also, due to Y6 attending the Camden School Dance Festival, we have had to cancel Ball Sports this Wednesday after school.

We do apologise for any inconvenience.

News from the Office

This half terms lunches are £69.60

REMINDER: Children with upset stomachs and those who have vomited must not return to school until at least 24 hours after their symptoms have gone. We appreciate that this is inconvenient in many cases and that you may not believe your child is ill, however it is absolutely vital in reducing the risk of spread of infection.