Newsletter – 19th February

Events this week…

Welcome back! I trust you all had a really enjoyable and relaxing half term.

Tuesday 20th – Royal Institute Maths Masterclasses for Y5

Wednesday 21st – School Council meeting

Thursday 22nd – Shakespeare Schools Foundation working with Years 3 and 4

Friday 23rd – KS2 Wake n’Shake at 8.30am

Key Dates for this half term

26th February – Assessment Week

1st March – World Book Day

w/c 5th March – Writing Week

9th March – Y1 PAC Maths and KS1 Wake’n’Shake

12th March – Choir to Royal Albert Hall

13th March – Y5 to Camden Dance Festival

14th March  – Y6 to Camden Dance Festival

20th March – Spring Concert

22nd March – Parents Evening and Y2 Bake sale

23rd March – Y2 PAC Maths and KS2 Wake’n’Shake

27th March – Rock Steady Concert

28th March pm  – Year 4 Shakespeare Schools Foundation performance

29th March – Year 3 Shakespeare Schools Foundation performance and last day of term

Check the school website for further key dates.

Brookfield Auction – WOW …….WHAT A NIGHT!

Many many thanks to all those who attended our first ever Brookfield Auction. The event was a resounding success and raised over £20k – exact amount to be shared in due course. The evening provided the perfect mix of fun, food, entertainment and amazing generosity. THANK YOU SO MUCH! A special word of thanks extends to the following people: Sebastian, Rob, Rebecca and Eril for heading up the auction; Tabitha and Ali for transforming the hall; Rob for posting auction items online; Guy and Amy for dealing with all the bids; Moyran, her team and  Emma Jay for supplying the curries and deserts; Louise, Seb and Neil for acting as great auctioneers; Sophie and Cee for dealing with the tickets; Camilla, Rob, Emma Jane, Gwyn, Nicky, Alex and James for providing the entertainment; Jess for the art work; Derek, Eliane, Lucy, Penny, Jess, Paula, Sharon, Karine, Paddy, Clio, Al, Chris, Adam, Carolina, Sally – Ann, Rosie and Ollie and Dave for all their help too and all those families who either donated or bidded for items. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Curriculum news

Camden School Primary Maths Challenge Winners – 2ND YEAR IN A ROW

Congratulation to Alex, Nathan, Edie and Tom for winning the Camden School Primary Maths Challenge at Eleanor Palmer for the second year in succession. Brookfield was one of 13 schools taking part and beat Primrose Hill and Carlton into 2nd and 3rd place.  The event was organised by Eleanor Palmer and included lots of different mathematical challenges – including an exciting mathematical relay. It is no exaggeration to say, that the children and Barnaby couldn’t stop beaming when they arrived back.

Concerned about air quality in your area? Worried about the number of idling engines causing pollution outside school at drop off and pick up time?

Well now we can all do something to respect and promote every child’s right to clean air and the best possible health (Article 24) by helping to raise awareness and improve the air quality for our children, around the school. On the 23rd Feb, in the afternoon,  we are hosting a vehicle idling action event here at Brookfield to raise awareness of the pollution caused by drivers idling their engines while stationary and to change behaviours to help clean the air around our school.  We are looking for parent volunteers to help us on the day.  You will get a short 45 minute training session first, that gives you all the facts and figures about air pollution and idling, and then you will be sent out in pairs to talk to drivers and pedestrians about how everyone can do something to help reduce air pollution, and get any idling drivers to ‘switch off for cleaner air’. More information about the event, and the chance to sign up to volunteer for this event can be found here:

Seren and the Rights Ambassadors

Dance Performances

Following on from some fabulous dance performances before half term, I thought I would share this email from one of our Y4 parents:

Dear Mark,

I’ve just been to the Yr 4 dance sharing in the top hall and what a delightful scene! Haseeb and Damian were utterly supportive and encouraging of all the children and they looked so happy to be dancing and having bag fulls of fun!! We all joined in some freestyle dancing and whole group participation and it reaffirmed to me how important and enlivening dance is for all. Thank you for sharing this gift. The recent street dancing classes and P.E. in general have really helped to bring my child’s confidence up this year, I am truly grateful to Haseeb, his commitment to our children, his unwavering energy and his lovely team.

Thank you so much to Haseeb, Aaron, Damian and some of our teachers for all their hard work towards these performances, to the children who choreographed some energetic and unique routines and to all those parents /carers who attended and participated in the open class at the end. This half term,  Y5 and Y6 will continue to work with The Place and Damian and will be showcasing their work at the Camden Dance Festival. In addition to this, students from the London Contemporary Dance School will also be visiting Brookfield at the end of this term to share some of their dance pieces with the children.

Goodbye Baby Chicks

The chicks have gone but they will live long in the memories of the Y2 children who looked after them. The children used this unique experience to produce some stunning writing based on what they has seen and experienced. The photograph shows one of the chicks emerging from its egg in 2L’s classroom.

Y5 Shakespeare Schools Foundation showcases

Congratulations to both Y5 classes for showcasing their work of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in such an assured and enthusiastic manner. The open workshops were incredibly inspiring and gave us a fantastic glimpse into Y5’s learning last half term. Thank you to all those parents / carers who attended and to Shakespeare School’s Foundation (SSF)for all their help and support on the day. Here is an email which a Y5 parent sent in:
Dear Mark

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Shakespeare session with 5O yesterday. It was really great seeing the whole class engaged on what could have potentially been a dry topic for them – I didn’t see one kid not getting involved and enjoying it. The team running it were excellent and really bought it to life. It’s great the school is offering opportunities like this!

A recording of part of 5L’s workshop will be uploaded onto the school’s website in due course.

This half term, Years 3 and 4 will be working with SSF on Macbeth.

Invitation to World Book Week reading workshop

As part of World Book Week, Gemma (our literacy leader) will be running a workshop on how to support your child with their reading. All parents and carers are warmly invited.

When: Tuesday 27th February, 9 – 9.45am
Where: Bottom Hall

We hope to see you there.

Sports news

Today Y3 started swimming. It was a promising start, they were good and listened well. Parents, please can we make sure we label clothes/ towels and please pack swimming bags every Sunday ready for the morning.

Swim gala training will start from next Monday 26th Feb during lunchtime. A letter regarding the event will follow. The actual gala itself is Friday 20th April ’18 and is held at Swiss Cottage pool.

Y5 parents – tickets for the Camden School Dance Festival are now on sale from The Place. Y5 are performing on Tuesday 13th March; at the moment you can call the booking office to purchase tickets while the secure school online link is being confirmed. The children in the Y6 dance squad are performing on Wednesday 14th March and you can purchase tickets in the same way. As soon as the link is confirmed I will send it out to you. If you have any questions please contact me.

I hope you all enjoyed the dance performances. The children were fantastic and I will be uploading the videos shortly on to the school website.

Y3 and Y6 will be taking part in Parkour sessions once a week in PE. This is super exciting and will compliment the gymnastic unit we will be teaching in the other lesson.

The Y5/Y6 girls football team take part in qualification matches tomorrow evening for a chance to compete in the Camden finals. C’mon girls!!

This Wednesday we continue with the ‘friendly’ competitions for Y6. I will be taking a bigger squad with me from now on so more children benefit from the events. If any parents can help chaperone the children to and from the event please let me know as I could do with the support.

If your child has represented the school this year please have a look at home for the school kit/ tshirts. I am missing quite a few sadly. They have the school sports team printed on the back.

“If we wait until we are ready we will be waiting for the rest of our lives”. DO IT NOW! – wise old Haseeb

Club news 

Clubs start from today! If you haven’t already, please make payment asap in order to confirm your spaces.

News from the Office

This half terms lunches will be £69.90

Dance at Brookfield!

Suzanne Farrington Dance


Well done to all the funky street dancers on a Fantastic first half term of classes! We have had so much fun learning street dance. Watch this space for a performance soon!

If you would like to sign your child up for the next half term please contact Suzanne, details are below:

Classes are on Saturday mornings in the bottom hall at Brookfield.

Class 1 (age 4-6) 9:45am -10:45am

Class 2 (age 7-11) 10:45am- 11:45am

Please email

Phone number: 07875364782

MEGA thanks are due to all those who helped organise the INAUGURAL Brookfield AUCTION NIGHT!!

Which raised a STUPENDOUS and INCREDIBLE £20,000 for the school.

Seb and Eiril masterminded it all

Rob did an unbelievable job with the online side of things

Rebecca worked HUGE MAGIC with the many donations and coordinating that whole game

Tabitha and Ali TRANSFORMED the school into basically the Oscars

And the following people did incredible things with CARD MACHINES, CURRY, their VOICES, and other indispensible wonders:

Guy, Amy, Penny, Jess, Louise, Neil, Camilla, Nicky, Emma-Jane, Gwyn, James, Moyrom and friends, Emma-Jay, Paula, Sharon, Karine, Paddy, Clio, Al, Chris, Adam, Carolina, Sally-Ann, Rosie, Derek, Ollie, Dave, Sophie and Cee.


And now we breathe deeply and look ahead to future PTA japes and schemes including the SUMMER FAIR – for which we are seeking an organiser. MORE SOON.

Eliane and Lucie, PTA joint chairs