Grandparents’ Morning

During October, we held another Grandparents’ Morning and again it was very well received. Grandparents travelled from as far as Edinburgh, Hull and Pembrokeshire to attend. During the course of the morning, grandparents were treated to some refreshments, a tour of the school, an assembly, some time spent in class and a school dinner. The children loved interacting with the grandparents, showing off the school, their learning and hearing about the grandparents’ school memories.

We received lots of positive feedback and some generous donations as well. Thank you so much!

Here are just a few of the many positive quotes:

“Grandparents’ morning is such a good idea. I loved the calm and happy atmosphere and seeing the children’s smiling faces. I very much enjoyed the headteacher’s address.”

“I loved spending time with my grand daughter and playing games with her and the other children.”

“My guide around school was a great little talker – full of info!”

“How polite and helpful all the children were and their pride in the school that shone through as they showed us around. I was going to say that I thought a school uniform policy would be a good idea but having seen how integrated all the children seemed with what they were covering maybe this is an old fashioned idea that I need to change.”

“The joy and happiness that radiated from the headteacher, the teachers and all the children. It made me want to be a child again!”

“I was impressed with the nurturing atmosphere, the happy children and caring staff.”

“I was most impressed by the discipline and good behaviour of the children in class. I liked the emphasis on grammar during the lesson I watched.”