To contact the PTA please email Eliane Glaser at

Eliane Glaser is the mum of Ezra, currently in 3C, and Anna, in 1L. Eliane generally works school hours so she can usually be found in the playground. She can also be reached via the PTA email address.

Class rep list:

Here is the list of PTA reps who support the work of the PTA across the school.

Nursery – need a rep

RKS – Rob Minto and Leanne Rivers

RS – need a rep

1M – Nicole Horwitz

1L – Allie Greenup and Louise Sung

2L – Clio David

2G – Christel Mckeown

3C – Nicky Kay

3F – Lisa Davies

4E – Sally-Ann Stucke

4C – Becky Taylor and Amy Vosburgh

5L – Maya Vaughan and Polly Fleury

5O – Jo Cooke and Beckie Herbert

6B – Michael Crabtree

6K – Ali Masterman