We work hard at Brookfield to make sure that our school building and all classrooms are safe, stimulating and accessible. We have an Accessibility Plan through which we are making improvements to the school environment over time through fitting Sound Field systems in some of our classrooms. Specialist services, for example occupational therapy and the Camden Hearing and Visual Impairment Support Service provide guidance, advice and equipment for a child with particular access or support needs. For some children with special educational needs, we provide specialist equipment including digital technology: iPads and laptop computers.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (accessible classrooms and special resources)

Q. How accessible is the building for a child who uses a wheel chair?

A. We are not fully accessible for wheel-chair users but we will move classes in order to welcome and include a child with long-term limited mobility.

Q. My child has a visual impairment- will the school be able to meet her needs?

A. We work with the Camden Sensory Support Service to make sure that we provide the right kind of specialist resources needed to access the curriculum.

Q. What specialist resources and equipment are available for my child?

A. We aim to provide a service that meets your child’s needs. For example, if your child requires occupational therapy or physiotherapy, we can arrange for the delivery of this support in our school.