Each year the school identifies a set of priorities which feeds into its School Improvement Plan. Staff and governors monitor progress carefully and outcomes are then fed back to parents and carers through newsletters and headteacher’s updates.

Our key 2017 – 2018 key school improvement plan priorities are as follows:

In writing, to increase the percentage of children working at expected or above in every year group, finding new and innovative approaches which can be embedded in Brookfield practice in subsequent years.

Children eligible for Pupil Premium who join /  have joined over the course of KS2 make accelerated progress from a Brookfield baseline in order to make expected progress from their end of KS1 results.

Quality First Teaching enables an increased percentage of children with SEND to meet their end of year targets. This is achieved through maximising resources and providing tailored interventions to develop foundational skills of children working significantly below expectations

To embed revised/new assessment procedures in science, computing and PHSE and decide on, and implement, a time efficient system to track progress in reading, writing and maths.